~~ Strawberry Kissu & Barbie Kitai's Giveaways ~~

Hi! Today I have two giveaway to show you :3

Click on the picture~~

Beauty and Make Up
10 Pair Upper False Eyelashes
10 Pair Lower False Eyelashes
Make Up Brushes Set
78 Color Eye Shadow and Blusher Color Make Up Palette

Nail Art
3D False Nails
Nail Art Rhinestone Glitter Tip Mix Gems
7 Nail Art Brushes Painting Design Set White Handle
5 Way Nail Art Tool Marbleizing Dotting Pen

And now, Barbie Kitai's First Giveaway~~! :)
Click on the pic~~

You can win:
  • 4 Eyelashes
  • Catrice blush
  • Claires make up brush set
  • Fingrs eyelashglue
  • Essence concealer
  • Essence pink glitter nail polish
  • d.i.a shoppingbag small
  • Catrice smokey eyes set
  • Catrice nude lipstick
  • P2 nude lipgloss
  • Surprise gift

    Both look so great!! *-* Please everybody join Mimisa & Kitai's giveaways ^^
    Well, that's all :3
    I have a GETS entry to post yet, due to popular demand! ;D HAHAHAHA
    See ya around!


  1. I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! I hope you will participate so I can get to know you better~ ♡




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