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This topic is extracted from Farley Malorrus's show on July 17th 1987, August 20th 1987 and September 20th 1988, containing variations on the subject of Karma. The essence of self-Karma is presented here.

The topic of Karma is related to your current Soul state of growth in this third dimension of Earth. The personal balance that we accumulate in one's debit and credit bank has a lot to do with which area you are destined to grow the most, and the area where your Karma is focused.
The Karma in America is so different to that in other parts of the world. If you live in South Africa, most of your Karma would be related to actions of physical survival and the kind of race relationships that are developed between people. Life in the ghetto and certain parts of our inner cities are similar, due to the gang violence, but thankfully, many parts of our country are buffer or safety zones.
The Karma of self in America is often a focus on a lack of career and relationships, where the biggest pain suffered is rejection. Therefore, if this is the crossroads that you've arrived at during your spiritual evolutionary journey in this dimension, then obviously you have overcome most of the physical and painful Karma that other people and nations are intimately involved in. This is the painful Karma of violent war, and Karma of obtaining basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.
Until you have resolved and fulfilled your Karma, you will continue to reincarnate into sequential lifetimes on Earth. Neither God nor the Lords of Karma bestow suffering upon you during these lives. Only you decide what is needed to learn during your earthly sojourn. For each life experience you seek out other souls, often with shared histories, and always with karmic configurations matching your needs. Whenever you act with wrongful intention you create Karma. This involves such actions which are considered to be connected with thoughts, emotions, words and deeds, together with the motive intent and desire behind each. Dis-harmonious acts must be balanced in the future, either during this life or in a future lifetime beyond this one. These actions are rooted in fear-based emotions which must be resolved where you can release yourself from the wheel of Reincarnation. You return lifetime after lifetime to test yourself to see if you have learned your lesson. Until you can go through an entire lifetime with total involvement and no disharmonious attachment what so ever, you will continue to reincarnate. In other words, when you can live a life of perfect harmony, liberation will follow, which is quite difficult, in being human.
During ones' life in this dimension a few mistakes can occur due to being vulnerable. Until you discover the importance of being spiritual without obsession, you will continue to make and experience the wrong choices. When we incarnate here on Earth, most humans—which is 99.9% of us—come into life here with debts and credits from experiences, actions, thoughts, words and events from past lives (unless you are a Bodisatva having virtually Karma free energy, who comes here to just teach, share and help others evolve). I know there are those out there who like to believe that they are pure, clean, clear and perfect beings. Things happen to them like car accidents; someone totals their car, or their pets get killed, or they lose friends or family, they get rejected in relationships, God forbid they have a horrible health Karma fall upon them.

People will come to me or telephone me and ask, "Why me?? why am I going through this pain? I'm a good person, I don't deserve this." "Why did this person have to die? They were so good, they were so loving." At certain times we find that the good do indeed die young. Some of the best people we know, and some of the most evolved beings, seem to be only here for a fleeting moment, and then they are gone. They were too evolved for this dimension, so they chose to go into the light and beyond it. The pain of life here on Earth was just too much for their Soul to handle. You have to remember that through the course of history of Earth there has been a lot of pain, a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of murdering, violence, war, death, many of you out there may have been warriors if not all of you at one time or other. You could have been criminals, pirates, maybe rapists, arsonists, a lot of you were thieves.
We let materialistic desires such as the bodies of other people, create a sexual attraction or obsession for love and relationships. This is a major area where we can get in trouble karmically speaking, where we can create this need to have this one special person when really everyone in the world, spiritually speaking, is a reflection of your own self. But we like to focus on this one person, and if we don't have this person, we are apt to hurt our self, hurt them, or do something to create a negative karmic energy that one day we will have to pay back. I like to prepare for any negativity in case it happens. I try to train myself to bounce back, to bounce off of it, to maintain a positive, spiritual, confident attitude. Also to identify any painful experience that may happen concerning money, love, romance, sex, friends, goals, family, and career as a karmic pay back. If my boss comes in here yelling at me, screaming at me and threatens to fire me, I view it as a karmic pay back. Not only is he having a bad day, but I might of been his boss back in Atlantis and may have done the exact same thing to him one day, when he was on the air, and blasted his brains out. This would be a payback. Another thing you must also understand is that the only Karma that you have is with yourself! It is not with other people.
When people ask if they have Karma with their girlfriend, or with their wife, it is really a Karma with oneself, others act only as a catalyzer, to stimulate the karmic experience, that comes back from the past, to form an event in which you should generate as a clear picture of what you must absolve. Unfortunately, many people hang on to bad relationships, and refuse to identify them as a payback Karma to be processed and let go of, they just won't let go. In reality, it's like hanging onto a monster, such as Frankenstein, as he drags you down the hall.
As we walk through this path called Earth, you'll notice that whenever you have a good, comfortable, or happy day, that sometimes you take it for granted, which you really shouldn't. There is such a nightmare going on in different parts of this planet, with people dying, being held prisoner under dictatorial governments, and being held prisoner under dogmatic philosophies that might not be the best for them, there is a lot of weird pressure and events going on. So when we are having good days that we take for granted, consider each of these days to be a blessing. That is why I thank God that I can say, when asked "Farley how are you?" I can respond with "Best day of my life."
It would appear that there are strange things going on, people with AIDs, those addicted to drugs and alcohol, all kinds of diseases, and for the late eighties, possible war tendencies. We are really running karmically hot right now, this is an important time, because obviously if you take the sum total of all human thoughts, behaviors, and actions in this dimension throughout the history of the Earth, you will end up with a karmic force that is a major debt to be paid back or balanced. That's how harmony works. You can't have harmony until you balance Karma.
So when we take a look at the situation on Earth and understand the mess that we really are in, then you've got to believe that not enough people are educated under karmic law. The reason there is this problems with AIDs is because there is not enough education. The reason there are so many problems on this Earth is because not enough people understand Karma. The reason we have terrorists and dictators is because society chooses to ignore fundamental issues, even when a group of people decides to react to these issues. If more of us understood the law of Karma, and learned how to process it, then people would get along that much better.
Certain individuals might be the Reincarnation of a mass murderer, a dictator, or God forbid, of someone like Hitler or Stalin. Everyone's actions are tied to their own personal karmic banks, even though we are connected with family Karma, group Karma, national Karma, and world Karma. The starting point however, is learning to live at peace and harmony with yourself. One of the ways to identify your Karma is to recognize those areas where you can get hurt, and where you are vulnerable.
Relationships is one of the more significant areas of Karma. One day you have the horns on and find yourself on the hunt. You try charming someone into your bedroom and your motive, ways and means are not very sound, so a negative force is set up a where someday you might be set up or used, as the object of some affection. This is the reversal or aligned instigation on that event. An aligned instigation occurs not from a directly related event, but an accumulation of events that build up over many lifetimes, and which are not processed. Suppose you are aggressive about seduction, and actually attack someone, or even rape them, which could be from a previous life. Then one day you will be put into a situation where you will have to pay that Karma off. Maybe walking down a lonely alley, late one night, with a tight red dress on and you definitely magnify that karmic energy that comes back to you. People think that Karma doesn't seem quite fair, because in this lifetime a lot of us seem to start off good, we think we're doing a good job, we're feeling fine, then out of nowhere, out of left field, we seem to get hit with a sledge hammer such as a severe auto accident, a severe health crisis, a heavy relationship, a family or marriage crisis, and every time you have to look at that situation as some kind of karmic experience that needs to be absolved, processed and let go of, that you need to bounce back from.
The main way to absolve Karma is to make a peace with yourself, and try to be less selfish and obsessed as possible. Try to retain a spiritual priority in your life, recognizing the God-force in yourself and in others and respecting this. Meditation is the best way I know to absolve Karma, no matter what kind of Karma you may have. By taking up meditation and even chanting, you can form a relationship with your higher self, this allows you to process this karmic vibration without having to go through the pain or physical experience in itself.
Recognize when you are in a karmic whirlpool, and if the situation is one in which you can back out gracefully, by saying "God bless you," "Thanks for the trial," "I understand," at the appropriate time without making them feel hostile, or like an idiot which could allow them to hate you when your gone, just doesn't absolve the Karma, but makes it worse. Try to bow out as gracefully as possible, and meditate and chant your way through it.
Try not to be unethical or immoral in your quest for power, love, sex, money or whatever it is, because if you ever take advantage of other people, you hurt yourself in the quest for anything material in this dimension. That is how you accumulate negative karmic vibrations which must be absolved for your Soul to evolve. The most evolved beings are those who have absolved their Karma. The most unevolved people are the ones stuck in pain ruts, agony, torture, and self destruction in their lives who don't even understand Karma or refuse to admit it's power and it's truth.
The body is the temple of the Soul, it is a vehicle, rather like a car. The body is a Karma machine, it creates Karma or it absolves it. When it absolves Karma its because it de-materializes for a while, and emphasizes the spiritual. It will either go to bed and rest, or meditate and put into perspective, at a higher level, the karmic situations. In so doing, these situations are pieced together, absolved and let go. This allows the body to correct itself, balance and heal. New Age people and those with independent thought will understand this, because even though many of you are spiritual, there are those that have experienced heavy pain, and there's no reason for it. Some people take this dimension so personally that they could have a heart attack over $5.00.
There are people out there who get so mad at their children for nothing, they can't see through their children's eyes. They had problems with their parents, yet they can't see through their perspective. It is obvious who pays the price, when you get mad, irritated, upset and pig out on sugar or salt, or get drunk? The Karma is at the center of the individual. You are the center of the Universe and Karma lies at the center. The only way for you to be in place is to create peace from the center outward. But if your too busy reaching for all this stuff outside of the center, then you'll notice that the center is kind of powerless. The energy is drained from your body, from your chakras, and from the center of your Soul. The Karma compounds and we create a situation or an environment that is very painful. If you find yourself being negative or worried on a constant basis, this is a terrible waste of the God-force. The power to create is blasphemed when you worry and create a bunch of negatives. What you need to do is surround yourself, including everyone you know and love, with love and light.
When karmic overload occurs and you still don't do something about it, that is what can compound and create imbalance in the body. What we refer to as dis-ease, and not ease or the opposite of ease, but disease. This can create a sudden or shocking debilitating illness, like heart attack, or cancer, because your chakras are shut down. So sometimes when your having a Karma overload and you do feel stressed out, and you do have symptoms like headache, dizziness, high blood pressure, pains in the abdomen area or the chest, then you are basically being asked to absolve Karma. Now, what does absolving Karma really mean? Well, obviously it means letting go of things that your being selfish with. It could be money, career, or love. Alternatively, its stupid things, like worrying about the attic fan, or being upset because your little girl made it late to school. We can have karmic overload because we can create little monsters inside of ourselves that are ridiculous. Karma is manifested in many levels, and often times when we go through these hard transits we find we push ourselves.
In Astrology, the afflicted planets of Virgo, Gemini and Cancer can create the worry, and the negative mother in us. If your mother's not around you'll do enough worrying for her, right! My own mother could win the academy award for worrying. She worried for 10 years that if I had a BB gun, I was going to shoot myself in the eye with it. Well, the first I day I had that BB gun (I bought it behind her back), I caught a rick-o-shay in the eye. This is an example of the power of the God-force at work. She'd say don't buy a gun, you'll shoot yourself in the eye. Don't do it you'll . . . Ma, thanks very much, Ping-g-g! I did it! Bingo! in the hospital. Ta-da! Today, if my mother would stop worrying about me and visualize me as a God, a King, an Emperor, and as a wealthy individual, and as a powerful, loving, married, happy person then I'd be there.
The reason why a lot of us find ourselves in ruts is because we, and other people around us, are busy manifesting negatives in our aura. It's no wonder we can't get out. What I say is, bail out of that stuff, get yourself away from their creative process, and get yourself into a more positive process. This karmic situation is no light weight problem because people get themselves in trouble. They keep being negative, worrying and they continue to have hard astrological transits. If you don't start doing good things, and start taking care of the Spirit, then there's no way to absolve Karma. The following may come as a surprise to some people, but did you know that even a murderer, even someone who's a serial killer, and a rapist, can turn the corner, meditate, and plug into their God spark in their Spirit. It might be difficult, for them afterwards, to announce the crimes they've committed. The Karma you absolve unto yourself is quite obvious, even though the rest of society is indifferent. It is possible to absolve major loads of Karma [debts] from doing such awful things like stealing, killing, hurting people, beating people up, and raping people, by just going inside of yourself, and into your Spirit.
Many people will say No, No! we want to punish offenders, we want to hurt them. But the God force happens to be a merciful force, and even though you meditate, it doesn't guarantee that your not going to be hurt one day, because sometimes meditation just isn't enough. If you do meditate, at least it will help. If we taught meditation, Astrology and Karma to our children, then I believe that people would be happier by treating each other and themselves with more mutual respect. This is a key factor as to why society is in such a mess, because we are not absolving and processing enough Karma. When people compound too much negative Karma, a Karma overload, that's when they end up in institutions. These institutions may be a mental institution, a penal institution, or the hospital.
There are unfortunately mistakes made in our system, as there is probably one out of a thousand individuals that will end up in the hospital, jail or mental institution and they really don't belong there karmically, but for some reason they're there. Sometimes they are there as a teacher. Sometimes they have a function or a role there, to help the people who are already in the institution. If you do get to a point in your life where you experience karmic overload, and become a victim inside one of society's institutions, or even somehow held in a foreign country, forget it. The institution can also be classified as a non-positive government situation. This is the kind of effect that occurs when a karmic overload is so serious and so negative. If you think that low level emotional pain and stress you deal with in the house when watching TV at night is bad, imagine the poor souls that are lost and are locked up in cells, behind closed doors and in hospitals with tubes in them, going through surgeries and pain everyday. Maybe these patients could have done something earlier in their lives, changed their health habits, and stopped clogging their veins and arteries.
During most Jewish holidays, its a tradition to eat honey bread and Holla, which is egg bread. A doctor will tell a Jewish heart patient to eat no eggs, cholesterol, or sodium, but the tradition is to eat special breads which are loaded with eggs and cholesterol, and the Jewish people follow their traditions. That's why heart disease is high and rampant among Jewish people because they go to deli's, consume corned beef, roast beef high in cholesterol, salt, and you wonder why they end up in the hospitals with cancer and heart disease. They are not taking care of their bodies. This is not intended to put Jewish people down, it is an example followed in many cultures. If I had a heart problem, and I don't, I would avoid LDL-cholesterol, sodium, and triglycerides. I'd go totally Pritkin, which I am almost, and protect my body.
There are ways to avoid this. You can create Karma by being mean to your body, just like you can create Karma by being mean to anything in this dimension. The human body is part of this dimension, so if your not loving and nurturing to this body it will turn on you, and you will feel pain. So take care of your Karma folks, start being loving to yourself, and to your body. Avoid the cigarette, alcoholic drink, and unnecessary fats and chemicals. Do you know how much sodium and cholesterol are in a scoop of certain ice creams? Where is the common sense in clogging up your arteries, buying a bypass for fifty thousand dollars to make some surgeon rich. Certain sections of the economy in this country would appear to be based on death. Many of the foods we love to eat like red meat, eggs, salt, sugar, white flour can cause heart disease and cancer. Do you wonder why people suffer when we're all conditioned to eat this crud and kill ourselves. This is all negative Karma, add emotional stress and you have karmic overload. Your given the choice to eat digestible raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains to protect your vital organs and arteries. You can choose to meditate and reduce your stress levels, protect your body to stay happier and healthier and to die peacefully. It is possible. Take a look at your life, its not too late for any of you. Your body is a powerful vehicle of healing, it is the vehicle of God. It is the residence of an essence of the God-force. So the body can always be turned around.
This essence inside of the body, which is the Soul, is responding to the experiences of your body to the pleasure, pain and various events in life. Whether you know it or not, all people and animals have souls. If you look into their eyes you can almost see their Soul. A person can walk around in this dimension of life and almost feel like a puppet, because during ones life, you never really get to see yourself on the outside of your body as those who are perceiving you do. We generally experience life as individuals with this conscious mind in the head, processing information and experiencing sensations from looking, listening, smelling, speaking, and moving limbs that can feel. So life in itself is a phenomena.
It's funny that as we live this adventure that we call life, we go through a step by step process through the years, and we learn, grow and we absorb, and we get conditioned by ourselves, by society and by our experiences. At times we are coerced into doing certain things, and making certain choices by other people with whom we subsequently may wish to blame. The conditioning in the consciousness formed through years of experience, is always the one that delivers the final choice. The Soul is in the background, gaining experience, yet providing the body with a life force. People will stress themselves out with poor food, lack of exercise, aggravation and worry. They put themselves in situations that will cause ulcerated parts in their bodies because the stress is so incredible. Then they blame the spouse, the children or the career. Well, who creates this stuff, if it's not that consciousness inside your head that is always given the choice, whether to create it or not, or is always given the option to bale out and say no I don't want this in my life.
So we create our own stressful situations, and our own Karma. One of the ways you can be happier, is to finally take responsibility for your own choices and your own actions. Instead of putting the blame on another person, take a long hard look at your own life, to see how you created that situation. Certain factors before birth, create the choice of parents, body, sex, home, city and culture that you will live in. This may sometimes be by divine grace, or individual choice because of past life patterns and events. The experiences and choices available during life create certain probabilities for events to occur in order to attain optimal Soul growth. No matter what experiences you do create, because we all are human in this dimension, many times you will create an experience that is not going to be fun. Life can be an agony, ecstasy, gestalt, passion-pain or love-hate syndrome. Some days are wonderful and you feel great, no one can bother you, everything is fine. Other days, it's hard getting out of bed in the morning, you don't want to face several people, you don't even want to call certain supposed friends, you don't want to hit that traffic and very often we deal with this love-hate syndrome inside of ourselves.
Powerful karmic situations in our lives, confronting ourselves with those things in our lives that we have created, that produce tremendous pain and suffering or discomfort. Frankly, if we take a look at our lives you might want to take a piece of paper and write down all the things that make your life miserable. All the stuff about your wife/husband, kids, dad, mom, house, neighbors, what ever or who ever bothers you. Now look at it and know it's your creation. You created it. So what now? If you are suffering through it... UNcreate It.
Some Tips to Uncreate Discomfort
  1. Change it, Metamorphose it, Change your attitude about it.
  2. Make new choices. You have this power of choice.
  3. Assume responsibility for what is in your life. You are responsible for what is in your life.
  4. Stop blaming others, yourself. The mess is there so what's done is done, when the opportunity comes make a different choice.
  5. Learn from your experiences, try not to repeat your messes.
  6. Don't burn any bridges when you do make bad choices, try to bale out of things as gracefully as possible, when you need to, with a blessing on your lips. Let's forget all this negativity and hostility.
The way to have Soul growth, and reach higher awareness to your higher self, and open yourself to your Spirit guides, so you can channel your higher self is to absolve Karma. Therefore, if the situation that you are in is painful, and too uncomfortable, you need to process it or somehow get out of it. Make a deal with yourself, or with others as peacefully as possible to process your relationships and your life. Don't sit in a rut and put up with the suffering. It is good to meditate. Meditation and processing relationships are the two finer ways to absolve Karma.


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