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Japan trip part 2, I'm coming back... with gyaru plans!! ♥

Hi everyone!
I have big news to share with you all, maybe already know but I'm flying to Tokyo in October and I cannot be more happy!!! :)

As you know, my first time in Japan was in December 28, 2016, when we traveled there to catch some fukubukuro (Lucky bags) in Tokyo and then went onto our city tour throughout the country with our JR Pass.

This will be our second time in Japan and it'll be completely different! :) This time we'll stay only in Tokyo but we will be exploring the outskirts too in day trips ^^

So taking after fellow gyaru blogger Ly from Kawaii Fierce, I want to share with you some details I have planned for my next trip ♥


♡ Japan Memories ♡

While it was heavily raining in Buenos Aires, there was an internet shortage that lasted daaaaayyys. Since everything I needed to do involved an internet connection, I spent a lot of days extremely bored and was forced to 1) actually study something (that did not require internet for research or something lol) or 2) edit old vlogs/videos from past trips that I promised everyone I was gonna to upload... Someday. :P
Anyways, way to do an introduction for this video lmaoooooooo

tl;dr: I was bored without connection and finally edited my Japan trip video.

You can watch on my Youtube channel :) Please remember to like and subscribe!




Got featured in Kawaii International! :)

This happened and I'm reaaaaaaaaally happy!! <3

Soooo... A few weeks ago I was featured in a NHK Kawaii International episode with my two tone hair & my cosmic hairbow from Amai Ayumi (the one that was a gift from Luli and Gabi) 🌙 🎀
You can't imagine how I felt when I heard RinRin Doll mention my username <3 I met her in Chile and she's such a sweet person. I just hope I can be able to meet Misha too. 😍

Selfie with Rin Rin and some gifts from Argentina :)
Anyways, you can watch the episode here:

It's the one called: Episode #84『Tokyo Sneaker Heads: Customize Your Kicks』
Thank you so much Kawaii.i, Misha Janette and RinRin Doll for choosing me! 💖

I uploaded an excerpt from it here in my instagram (don't forget to follow me!)

Much love,



New year... new blog?

Wow, I can't believe I've neglected this blog so much!
I've just found a "new hair" entry that I was meant to post it on September LOL I'm such an ass. My hair is not even blue anymore... So lol, sorry, it's definitely my fault :P

Now I have a pink patch ♥

New kitteh cat, so angry face :3

Totora drunk kitty! She's getting so fatty :33333

So, not really a new blog tbh. I will continue rambling on this thing HAHAHA and posting random images of my and my cats :) with no REAL CONTENT AT ALL (?)

Ok cya bye (?)


I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die) ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♯

I've got blue hair for an upcoming cosplay project  (can you guess what?) . It's been so much since I've done some cosplay, hopefully is photoshoot only and for a costume party, so it's not really "social" cosplay, a thing I hate :P and I didn't wanna buy a wig just for this sooooooooo... 
Anyways, I'm in love with this hair. It's washing out now and it's so gray, another colour I like on my head :)

It's sad I'm no longer Shizuru~ lol

I've got teal dyed on those blonde patches remaining on my bangs~

Lowers are Play Sexy #5 from Deco Lash

I'm Natsuki! Take me for a ride, Shizuru (????)

cute derpina! XD

With LadyNatt 

Cosplay pics... I'm loosely disguised as Emily, from Corpse Bride :)

And this where testing if I can still "gyaru" while being bluehaired.
Guess what? I really can ;D hahaha.
And there's not much gyaru out there with blue hair so I think it's great for originality.
I've dyed my bangs teal afterwards~ photos next post!

What do you think about my hair change? :)


❥ Nicole Lee Bags: Review ♡•´ ☆ ¸.•´.•´¨)

I've discovered Nicole Lee's bag brand not long ago, last year and I've been in love ever since.
There's a distinctive anime/manga touch on some of her designs that caught my eye... You know I'm a weeaboo at heart 

And my two picks/favourites:

Unfortunately, when I could buy them I got a variation of the last one, but it's gorgeous nevertheless :)

I love it's little details and the keychain 
I forgot to take pictures of the inside so I'll edit this post later.
Quality is nice, even if it's PU (fake plastic leather).

I't's a 5/5 for me ❤
and I'm really looking forward to buy more of these bags someday. :)



Cute Contacts: VASSEN Hello Kitty Circle Lenses in Blue Review~

Well, I've noticed no-one ever made a review for this lenses so I figured I could do some. Maybe it's because of the name that they're not really THAT famous, but on the other hand they're named after Kitty, Hello FREAKIN' Kitty, so why not?

Rotated on purpose, since I like it better this way~ xD

First, the story behind this review:
I live in Argentina, where a tight restriction on cross-border e-commerce has been placed (read more about it here and here). This means I'm not able to purchase online more than twice a year and  less than $25 worth of goods abroad EACH YEAR. ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ

YES, it's as crazy as it seems. I mean, WHAT THE EFFIN' MOTHER F***???? 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸
Don't be hesitant to think I'm so annoyed by this.
This restriction applies to imported goods in general (if you're an importer, and you sell it to resellers, yes, you've been affected by this, everything is stuck at Customs) and to individuals to go online shopping. So, fuck my life, and fuck this shit. Okay!??! This is a touchy-feely subject for me. o(╥﹏╥)o

Ok, now that I've introduced you to the general context of the situation, we have the circle lenses & other imported goods reseller here like online shops in Facebook and such. And those started to run out of stock, stock that could never be restocked again. I DIE.

At that moment I was looking at different circle lenses online, since I've always wanted some super blue CL, like super nudy~ but I wasn't sure, I was hesitant, then this restriction came and I became desperate. Nobody had Super Nudy in blue in stock :( so I found this super cute Hello Kitty lenses instock and bought them. Ta-da! End of story xD

Review here:

Lens Info
Brand / VASSEN
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.5mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 42%
Life Span / Yearly

and I got mine on plano (0/0) and they were NOT sponsored in anyway, I paid them with my own  money :P jsyk (Idk, they always put this kind of things on reviews xDDDDDDDDDDD)

Here you can see their enlargement effect, it's quite great!

Out of focus so you could really appreciate the blue on them *-* 

They're really blue, love 'em (●♡∀♡)

Last two photos, the left one showing them without flash (& full gyaru make up!) and the right one I like because of the lashes, how Angel Eye can make me look so gorgeous? LOLLLL

So, my veredict:

Color: ★★★★★ SUPER vibrant! 100% recommended for those who are looking for a Super Nudy dupe, since it's Hello Kitty pattern isn't really visible (which is understandable since this is the 'darkest' color of the series, and I suppose it won't even show up on dark eyes~). If you really want the Hello Kitty pattern to show up, I suggest getting it on pink, it seems to be the best color for the pattern to become noticeable on dark eyes :)
Enlargement: ★★★★★ This are the best lenses ever for enlargement! Although they doesn't have a black circle for the "dolly effect", the enlargement they make it's quite impressive itself :P
Comfort: ★★★★☆ I have worn them all day and they were bothering me at the end of the day, but I don't really used any eye drops, so maybe it's that.
Overall: ★★★★★ they're great! :) I think it was a great purchase.

Well, now's your turn to let me know if you liked them! :)
See you next time~


Las consecuencias de organizar como el orto. {{ GAL MEET }}

Coord, hair & make I did wear for a galmeet @ Buenos Aires a few months ago (:
Hope you like it~ n.n
This outfit is one of my all-time favorites~

t-shirt: tutuha
skirt: tutuha
legwarmers: taobao
belt: julia boutique /stella
choker: ebay
furry hat: onespo
tights: cocot (HAHAHAHA!)

About the gyaru meet: It all went smooth, we were like 12 girls - new record of attendees so far! (Since there's always people cancelling on last minute or the attendees happens to be no gyaru at all lol).

Unfortunately in the evening one of the girls stole a belt from a girl that had a few chain belts for sale (Janet, she has an online store here). This was like $4 aprox. And seriously, we never found the belt, and a few girls were playing dumb about it, I was SO pissed. >_>
Have you ever experienced something similar? What do you think we should do about it?
We suspect from a certain girl, but idk... Opinions on this? Such a shitty situation...
Next time we have to be extra careful with people we're inviting to our meets, but this, *SADLY* wasn't arranged by us, thus the hostesses of this meet should have been responsible for the incident. But well... It was a mess to get something done for this meet, and eventho I'm not telling who's who, I don't think I am ever going again to these girls' meetings. It was extremely disrespectful overall, besides the stolen belt incident, since the two hostesses won't even talk to us!!! LOL. so fucking rude.

You need to know that if you're hostessing a meeting, you need to talk to the people you invited. Anyways, that's what you get when you put two weeaboos on charge of a gal group...

Yes, this was a rant post, if you haven't noticed yet :P
Hopefully, we, as true gyarus, are already arranging something big for our beloved -and small- gal community.
If you really like gyaru, please stay tuned! ;)