Seeing My Chemical Romance live in Dublin ❤ A dream come true👌 [Recap, long!]

Ohhh boiiii I think I have spammed everywhere with this topic already 🙈 If you are not into them I suggest you skip this blog entry~

I privated a lot of old entries so this blog ended up kinda wonky lol so I figure why not post something somewhat "recent" to spice it up 😅 until I fix all the privated entries... This one is gonna be a messy one, full of word vomit and I won't proof read it so either you take it as is, or you're free to read other blogs ahahaha. 

As many of you can tell, My Chemical Romance is my favourite band ever!
The Three cheers for sweet revenge album kinda defined me as a person, back in the day in 2006 when I was going thru a hard time, gave me strength that I didn't know I had in me. Yes, lol, like every other MCR fan out there, I have sometimes claimed they saved me. (Oh so cornyyyyyyyy lol)

On Wednesday May 25th my sis and I went to My Chem's gig in Dublin! Last time I saw them live was in Feb 2008 in Argentina and that shit was total CHAOS hahahahahahah.
We pulled this gig out of nowhere, it was totally random, unplanned and last minute (yup still recovering from that... getting a hotel was difficult and overpriced ofc but what can u do?). 


I honestly never considered that MCR had a proper comeback after all and it shows on the lack of our planning for this gig 😂
Since their breakup in 2013 I never thought they'd be back together, and I had even less hope for a world tour. I became, for a lack of a better word, d i s e n c h a n t e d with them (see what I did there 👋👀). When the shrine gig happened I honestly didn't felt it, people where freaking out in a good way about it but I was so not moved by that gig, it bored me and only gave me more of the sads and shit and nostalgia of the old times. I did go onto binge-listening their old stuff and cried (yup) because I had been refraining from listening to their music since the breakup happened. It was just too hard. Anyways, I did go super hard on that deep-dive, found out about the "phantoms forever"/MYCHLRN sigil, and then, as if it was magick, I COMPLETELY ABOUT THEM 🤣 (although isn't that how sigils are supposed to work? AHAHAHAHA)

And back to European tour dates. I woke up one day to videos of Eden project and Milton Keynes and start to freakout cuz they sound NOTHING like the shrine reunion, they sound like old MCR we all love, super rawwww AF and I hated myself for slacking off on it and for having lost trust in them =(

It was Friday 20th night and we were watching the newest shows on Youtube with my sis and we both felt that itch and that fomo HAHA "what if we go see them in Dublin?" "they're not coming to Spain anyways" "even less Argentina or LatinAmerica again" lolololol so we took the plunge and I booked all the shit for Wednesdays show. I originally wanted to go to Cardiff on Sat 28th so I could do it without taking time off work in the middle of the week, but tickets were just sold out. SO DUBLIN IT WAS. Easy flight from here anyways. Cheap flights too.

I will later add an entry for doing touristy shit in Dublin and stuff, it's a lot otherwise :P

But I promise you we were there :P lol

The work part we just managed to wing it from Temple Bar / other bars found in the city centre tbh. 😂 Gotta love IT work positions tho 😂

Dublin was awfully crazy full of emo people of ALL ages, we all were going to MCR it seemed 🤣 that shit was so freaking funny. Another funny thing was us walking down the streets and I had red eye makeup which ended up looking like Bert's.... and a girl stared at me sooooooooooo hard on the streets that I just laughed and said "MCR!" ahahahahah "are u going?" "I'm going!!!!!!" kinda thing lol so fun

My coord for the gig:

I meant to be on tights and skirt only but man, Dublin is cold AF (well, I'm pretty spoiled by the good weather 24/7 we have in Barna, sorry HAHA) and I didn't want to risk it (I'm old and recovering from the flu takes time as a person with asthma) so I ended up using my skinnies like black tights hahahahahahaha at least they were not that noticeable!

I also got my nails done the day before with the first technician I was able to find on my neighborhood, which was a Chinese place in which they worked super fast, they took walk-in appts (and hey, I still have them on me, so they work well too!), something simple but the request was that they were gonna be red and black and some rhinestones or sth. Check.

Some people really thought I was gonna be the absolute madman and go camp outside Royal Hospital Kilmainham to get a place in the barrier, but I'm sorry... do I look like I'm 20 or something????? I mean, I may, but I'm 33, so don't give me crap about it and leave me alone, I'll go after I finish my Guinness pint and my emo inspired rokku gyaru make...

Probably you've seen it already, but here's my make for the gig! 

Merch was amazing, I got the tour poster, Foundations of decay tee/reworked Revenge tee. The boyzone one was SOLD OUT! sniffffff hahaha that shit was hilarious!

The venue itself was a super park that was nice, and getting inside was easy, there were tons of foodtrucks, WC everywhere, and a hill that made watching from the standing pit REALLY EASY (gotta love first world countries, amirite?????) kek but anyways doors were opening at 5 pm and we arrived around 6:30 and we were cool... No big queues so far, we were able to get most of the merch (minus the "Boyzone" tee) and also you were able to go to the front as much as you'd like if you wanted, but we decided to stay on the hill for a bit to listen to Starcrawlers (sick cover of Pet Sematary! instant like) and Gayle (ABCDEeeeeeeeefff uuuu ❤️‍🔥). Then we went down the hill a bit to get closer to the stage, not too much since we didn't want to get in the mosh/pogo pit, we had enough of that in 2008 ahahhahahahaa.

What can I say from the show itself??? It was amazing!!!!!! TRUE MCR energy right there. They sound amazing live! Gerard's vocals seem like frozen in time for real. Instrument-wise Ray KILLS it everytime with the solos and blends really well with Frank's guitar and Mikey's bass. Mikey seems finally ever so confident on stage, I'm loving this redeption arc for him honestly lol. I don't know the names of the guys over keyboards/drums but they've killed it too with the styles of each song from each album, so far so good. They seemed so happy on stage and on tour in general, it seemed so much like a miracle. Especially after saying they were not gonna perform since they were not enjoying it! snif. :') anywaysssss

I have to admit I cried with all of them TBP songs :P Disappear, Famous Last Words, Sleep, at least for me, they're the most emotional ones [FOR ME] and remind me so much of the 2008 gig that already was a dream come true...But also in 2006 when TBP was released was such a special moment for all us in the MCR Argentina forum (yuuuup, forum haha). I cannot avoid those songs to transport me to that era in time and it was just too much ahaha.
I also cried with Kids of yesterday, which by definition, I am clearly one. Not that I live in the past or shit, but I did felt the time warp in my head soooo bad haha.

I loved the whole setlist even though I missed my personal favourites from the list. But hey you cannot have your cake and eat it too hahaha. I was also joking about that with Ariel, since whilst I was gone, he didn't take care of my plants and some have kinda died since then lol. Rip lil strawberry XD

It was also an amazing way to bond with my sis ofc, since so much water had gone under the water. =')

Here's our journey to the concert, I made it into a reels video (of course lol):

You can see my full concert (sorta) video here though, my sis and I managed to record some parts and whatnot, hope you like it!!! I am sorry for any wonky footage, I was trying to enjoy the show too hahahaha but thanks to working out like a madman this year, my arms weren't too tired after all and I could hold my phone up over my head the whole concert :D 💖

Anyways this was my recap of the My Chemical Romance concert! Hope you like it!!!!

PS: I am now editing this entry and wtf, I still don't know how to fix the wonky layout for post images... Guess I''ll look into that later cuz it's pissing me off a lot 😂

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