♡ プ リ ク ラ ♡ my digital p u r i k u r a album ♡

I've been dumping these purikuras in Facebook for a while now and I love how many memories I can recall for each picture ^^

I wish I could remember each of this puri machine's names, they were too cute! 

Anyways this is my puri collection as of 2018 ^^ I have more from 2016 and 2023 but I think I'll post them separately :3

BABY2 machine
(with Noy-chan and Tal!)

SUU. machine
(one of my favourites! With Noy :3)

BABY2 machine
(again hehe it was Noy's fave!)

SUU. machine
(with Abby!)

SUU. machine
(with Abi @coloresdejapon)

SUU. machine
(with Abi, Abby, Marta, Rosita and Kyouka)

(with my love Ariel 🥺💖)

Peco's purikura machine
(with Noy-chan, Tal and Almog)

Puri with Noémie, Tal, Noy and Lea after Black Diamond show 💞

(with Almog, Tal and Noy💖)

Hope you like this puri collection!!! 🥰💖 I love the memories attached to these 😍💕
There's a lot of good stories to tell about these too lmaoooooo 🤣 I'll get to that someday!

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