🤍 E-girlz: T̶h̶e̶ ̶R̶e̶V̶e̶N̶g̶E̶ ̶🤍 (B-day coord)

Maybe you've seen in on my Insta, but I'm really feeling my oats in e-girl style, despite it being a style targeted to teenagers LMAO (I think so).
I've been feeling like doing something very y2k too, and at least I feel entitled to wear something related cuz I lived thru that iconic era~

I've been trying to overcome this awful feeling of NOT EXPERIMENTING with other styles aside from gyaru out of FEAR of not being recognized as a gyaru anymore. Wow, even spelling it out like that feels SO freaking fucked up so idk, I'm just trying my best to be as honest as I can here, somehow this blog feels like a safer environment to put it out there lol (like, no offense but I feel I'd be ripped to shreds in a fb group or something...)

Anyways, since I got a big package from Dollskill for my bday, I wanted to take some pictures with my new Sugarthrillz dress! I love that they have a plus size line of almost everything they sell in regular sizes so this pink dress was on sale and I love it! I found it's very "e-girl" lol but it's actually kinderwhore! I completely forgot about this, so next time I'm wearing it I'll  try to do my makeup and styling in a very kinderwhore way. 

I wanted to make the hot pink clash with an electric blue eyeshadow so went for the Blue Moon palette from Colourpop plus a blue eyeliner to make a different eyeshape than usual. This was my most experimental makeup for a while now, at least since the pandemic started.

Idk why but instead of experimenting with new shit since I had a lot of free time, I just resorted to be on my comfort zone regarding to makeup and styling in general. Ah, it could also be depression, yup.

Peep my MyMelo tattoo 😍

I also got two marabou long robes like this lilac one - I am so in love! This are the kind of robes that makes you feel like "911, my husband has just died in mysterious circumstances"(?) lol 💩
It feels sooooooooo glamorous! ❤ I've always wanted one, and it was also on sale as well as the red one, pictured below~~

I also got some Demonia platforms with pentagrams, these are so comfyyy.

At night we went to an Armenian restaurant (Sarkis) to get dinner and it was amazing ❤ I love middle east food with a passion 😻😻😻😻😻

And my mom got me macarons and chocolate bonbons from Vasalissa 💘

Being silly with my sis :P

It was yet another happy bday, I have yet one more year on my belt 😚

Hope you like my outfit bday and hope you don't mind the e-girl content :)
Thanks for reading my blog! ❤✌ 

Sincerely yours,


  1. Aaaah you look smokin, girly! <33333 I love love love it when you paired it with the robes! Super fancy <333 Also, your my melo tattoo is super cute **

    1. You're always such a cutie Lizzie!! Thank you so much for your kind words 🥰💗🥰💗🥰💗

  2. Ah I forgot to say!!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! And, also, don't worry about content... This is your blog so post whatever the hell you want <3333

    1. Thank you so much once more! 💗 I'll try to keep that in mind, although it's HARD AF haha 😣

  3. You look stunning! Yes we lived through the 2000s so we get to wear it again haha! I love your eyemake and those robes <3


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