Scanning old photos for new posts...

Don't do it: it's a trap.

Just don't go down memory lane...

Getting to scan old photos made me think a lot about the time we take for granted with the ones we love... Especially if looking back, we didn't have much time with them and we chose to spend it fixating on stupid things instead of being with them... 

Such precious time that we won't get back...

Some of them aren't here with us anymore so seeing these photos all at once was quite something.

I just hope that wherever you all are - I hope you're free from all harm.

This has proven to be a difficult task, as I'm only about 50% of everything I have to scan, I have a lot left yet...

Excuse me, I'll be weeping on the corner until I finish scanning them all :')



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    1. Nooo haha I wrote something long but what's that? I hope you did not get disappointed, I was saying that it's such a harmful feeling going down the memory lane to the point of having that feeling that you wanna throw up. Some periods would feel a completely different life, breaks your heart but at the same time, it just gives you some little life ;-;


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