Koakuma Ageha December 2012 Scans ~ 小悪魔アゲハ 12月2012年

Hiya everyone!
I knooooow I've been away from here but idk, I was feeling festive! lol🎄
 I plan to spend next Xmas eating copious amounts of traditional Xmas food 
 and stressing over house decorations 😅

Anyways, I found this Ageha magazine from Dec 2012 somewhere in my hard drive and thought it could be a good idea to post it here! Since it's the December issue, it has a lot of Xmas content in it

I don't remember the source of these, but it's probably vvshu or hudie

I apologize for any missing pages, I got it like this 😓

Hope you all are doing well in this time of the year! :)

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  1. I'm hoping it's going to be a bit easy with decorating and stuff for us XD
    And thank you for the scans! So much good inspo!!!!


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