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I know I said one of my goals for this year was not to be an inconsistent blogger but I'm already failing xD
I only have like half February left and I haven't  posted a single thing despite having lot of entries drafted and scheduled, oh well...

It seems that people in this gyaru comm are such hypocrites so they can't really deal with the fact that someone is being really honest about it. And yes, that would be me and that's why I ended all over gyaru_secrets with captions like "gtfo fugly" or something like that, hahahahaahah. There's also people in disguise on my facebook who screencaps my comments and send them over to latin gyaru secrets, I mean, really dudette, REALLY? XD

Well anyways this entry wasn't planned to talk about g_s and such... I meant to talk about some "new" rules western gyaru have, especially Latin gals who are a bit more clueless than any beginning western gyaru out there.

First of all, there's this Facebook group called GAL TV, run by the same girls from Gyaru America Latina TV, a youtube channel about latin gyaru. Overall, the group is great, you ask for advice and concrit and you get it and such, with no cattiness. But something that really bothers me is the fact this girls have imposed this kind of rule that "you're not a real gyaru if you don't go out in full gyaru everyday and have photos with your family, pets, friends and boyfriend/girlfriend in gyaru because that way we believe you're not a wannabe and that your parents know you're gyaru, otherwise, even if you are, YOU'RE NOT". Okay I mean.... WTF? XD

I don't know why but I was instantly reminded of this scene in Daria XDDDD lol
Then we're being accused of "being lazy" because we don't go out with friends and such... Sadly there's a thing this girls find hardly to understand: For me, this is Argentina. For other girls, they live in Southamerican countries worse than mine. It's not THAT easy like it's for you in the States or Europe. :) So they're calling as "bathroom gyaru" because we don't even step out of our toilets in gyaru make up and coords, according to them. Yeah, it's like you can come to my house and really confirm if I am a toilet gal or not, right??????
Besides, my bf nor sister nor mom like to be posted on the internet in a daily basis. I'm cool with that but they are not, why do I have to explain that to you? Are you the Grand Inquisitor of gyaru??

Lookie I'm the toilet, you can really see I'm not a real gyaru... WTF, not even wearing gyaru make up here XD
Tobi, a former gyaru-o who is now living in Buenos Aires made me realize the tremendous amount of effort of being gyaru while in a Third World country. I think you all are aware of the problematic issues here, like the Dollar ban, I'm gonna take you all for erudite women who are capable of reading anything besides gyaru blogs and since you go out in full gyaru every day I take that you read the paper. :D As I was talking to Tobi he was surprised that here you couldn't find a single brown eyeshadow for contouring that isn't shiny or something, or a good lighter brown eyebrow pencil~

I think it's time for a few of this girls to step on our shoes. Because there isn't such real "struggling" as a latin gyaru living on the USA and having all served in a silver plate around the corner in the nearest Sephora.
And FYI, in Spanish language usage the first thing we all learn is that the plural of any noun has to have an "s" attached to the back. So yeah, that's "gyaruS latinaS" for you, because it's a real grammatical rule of this language and I'm sick of hearing it being corrected to "gyaru" (with no plural) because that may work for English, but not for Spanish or even Portuguese. They also say "gyarus" because that's the way these languages works.

Oh, and just in case, I don't believe gyaru is a lifestyle nowadays. To me it's only a fashion style, such as lolita, harajuku-kei, visual kei or idk... Pastel Goth. There's no such thing as "gyaru lifestyle" and if you believe that, I'm so sorry for bursting your fantasy bubble XDDDDDD

If I don't write about this I couldn't keep on blogging so here I am. I don't even really care if this gets me posted again in wank comms. :D Oh and didn't even spell checked so you'll have more to laugh about :3

Pero si sos de Argentina y te gusta el gyaru, unite a nuestro grupo de Facebook donde hacemos reuniones~ Con gente real y toda la bola! :3 (y no se cancelan por taradeces :P)

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  1. Bueno, en parte estoy de acuerdo contigo con ese termino D: pero si cuentas con que el gyaru se trata de un estilo de vida y no una moda >< supongo que a eso se refieren D: y pues, lo que cuenta es el intentarlo a pesar de que se dificulte xD!

    1. Seguro, pero yo no creo que sea un estilo de vida XD como el lolita, el visual kei, el estilo emo y demás, creo que es una moda, una forma de vestir, incluso una tribu urbana si se lo quiere, pero no un estilo de vida, para nada :P

  2. Concuerdo con vos! loco, esto es un país del tercer mundo xD y no tenemos todo a mano, tmb esta el tema de la seguridad por la calle y eso. En otros países creo que hay más diversidad cultural, y por eso es aceptado que uno salga todo producido a la calle... anda a salir asi en capital y vas a sentirte una chabona disfrazada
    odio argentina =____=

    1. Por lo de sentirme disfrazada hace años que vengo con lo mismo y ya no siento tanto eso xD habiendo tantas otras tribus urbanas acá, siento gyaru me siento menos desubicada que -por ejemplo- las lolitas xD pero grrrrrrrrrrrrr me jode que gente que se la da de latina (pero vive en USA) piense que nos puede entender, la verdad es que no y los hechos los demuestran~~ (tu sabes qien eressss lol)

      Grrrrrr si Argentina no tuviera cacos, odiaría menos mi pais ;_;
      Gracias por comentar! ♥

  3. Hola! quiero ser gyaru pero no se donde comprar, me recomiendan lugares adecuados para una niña de 14? <3

    1. Hola Ariana! No te sabría indicar qué lugares son adecuados para una niña de 14 ya que no consumo moda de niñxs ni tengo mucha idea. Supongo que del mismo lugar que el resto de gyaru de variadas edades, en shops online, pero como no sé de dónde sos, no sé qué lugar indicarte honestamente. Lamento no poder ayudarte! Te mando un saludo.


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