❤Hair makeover (I never posted!!!) + new domain! ^.~❤

Update your bookmarks because now My Selfish Romance! is
Yayyyy finally I stopped being lazy and got it done x)

Regarding my new hairstyle, I kinda forgot I had a blog and went on holidays XD so I have NEVER ever posted any of these photos here (but I have in tumblr, so meh). Last December I got sick of my messy strawberry blonde color so I went to a nice hairdresser in Palermo to get my hair done~

You may not remember how it was so I'll post a before-after picture to compare both hair colors :3

I got done an "ombré" or something like that, like a gradient :) also got a haircut and I like my new hair (even if I find it to be a little darker for my tastes), but I received so much compliments XD and my boyfriend it's like the number one fan xD

Now it's been almost 2 months since I dyed and went to the beach so obviously the color has washed away a little and I'm back to blonde XD

Anyways while I still had this dark color I took a lot of pictures practicing gyaru makeup <3

You may have seen me all over gyaru secrets with this one :3 I like it A LOT, sorry haters~

And for those who say that "If you never post a coordinate you're a bathroom gyaru", well, here's a coord for you (?)

I was trying on a dress for an upcoming wedding party~ 
and practising a bit with eyeshadows from my tokidoki palette =D

Well, that's all for now. <3
I need to get a few photos to write an entry about meeting Tobi last Friday ^___^
See ya! xo


  1. the new haircolor looks good on you! suits you much better than the old one I think^^

  2. Me encanta el pelo ♥
    y la sombra de ojos también ♥ es tan brillante *___*

    Por eso tengo un ombré yo ahora, era rubia, lo que queda está en las puntas XD Y paso de tintar, psss, jajaja :3

    ¡Un beso, bonita! ♥

    1. Awwww pero es que da un toque bonito el rubio en las puntas... ^-^
      Me gusta que te guste! ♥ Besote!!

  3. Que lindo te quedó el cabello :)


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