❤ first MA*RS onepiece ❤

Ughhh... It's been almost a month since I blogged for the last time!
How are you, girls? (≧∇≦)キャー♪
I've been so busy, working a lot for doing more shopping, hahahah :D

I finally bought a MA*RS onepiece, yay!
This is my first onepiece and I LOVE IT!
I'll show you photos modeling it next time =D

I also bought a nice pair of buckle belt boots, a frilly skirt and a golden chain belt with rhinestones, so beautiful! :3

On another note...
I'm sick of people (mostly anons) judging love as a matter of gender. It isn't.
Gay or straight... Stop with the bullshit plz. I mean it.
I think if the one I love is a 'he' or a 'she' is none of your business~
So, I won't answer a question about that never again.
Haters gonna hate, but I don't care.

Well, next time I'll show you some photos + 05/29 gyaru meeting!
It'll be so much fun ^^ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ・‥…━━━★ ピキューン!

See ya! (●^□^●)


  1. Tsuki! Que bueno que vuelvas a postear!

    Me encantaron tus compras en especial esos zapatos. Yo no uedo esperar a conseguir un trabajo para poder comprarme unos nuevos!

    Falta poco para el meet, ya quiero que llegue el dia, nose que voy a ponerme pero alli voy a estar!
    Lleva la popsiter asi la chusmeo un poco!

  2. Dios dios dios!!! *__* es precioso el onepiece!! i el jersey qu ellevas en la primera foto en negro y rosa... de donde lo compraste? ando loca busando uno asi!!
    me encantas sales preciosa!! un beso i postea mas amennudoo!!

  3. I love the Belt *-*
    It's so pretty ♥ Also I cannot wait to see you modelling the Ma*rs dress :D

  4. Pero qué mono todoo!! Me encantan los botines *___*

    Besoss <3

  5. omg cuantas gyarchu te postearon :D que lindo!
    me encanta todo :3!!! un beso tsuuuu! te pongo como link en mi blog!

  6. Tsuki! Resivi un award y quiero darte uno a vos! Liebster Blog Award!
    Esta aca:

  7. Yaa jajajaj si es que tengo muchos blogs xD Pero el único que uso es el de Kawaii And Moe Land ^^ Pero es normal que estuvieses confusa jaja

  8. Son las dollywink! ahora no sé qué número... pero esas que son pegotitos, separados... sabes? que mal me explico xDDDDDDD

  9. I LOVE these boots. I like MA*RS but it's so expensive :'(.

  10. Oh the MA*RS onepiece looks so nice, I can't wait to see you model it. I really love the boots and chain belt!

    Yes, don't worry about haters. They will always find some reason to be ugly inside.

  11. Thank you for follow and comment! :D
    Lovely items! Very pretty ^__^ <3

  12. O.O me encanta tu estilo!!!el jersey que llevas me encanta!!es muy jsg, y la falda y el one piece son preciosos!!
    te sigo desde ya!!


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