❤Presents from Japan! // 日本からお土産❤

Hey girls! How are you?I'm sorry I haven't been uploading anything...
My computer was broken, and took me a while since I could repair it...

Anyways, a lot has happened!
First of all, the Japan earthquake and tsunami... I think everyone is well aware of that incident.
It happens to be that my bf was living in Japan at that moment.
So, it was a pretty shitty moment u_u because I was so worried and scared... o(;△;)o エーン
As soon as he could he got a flight and came back to Argentina.

After that, I was so relieved...
He couldn't go to 渋谷109 but still got me a few lovely presents~ (≧∇≦)キャー♪ 

リラックマ overload ❤

Macadamia chocolates, which I loved so much!
And two boxes of "easy-eating" chocolate, hahah (didn't take a pic)

And my favorite one: JSG oversized sweater ❤

Sorry this came out so blurry... ;A; I need to take a better pic :3
I've been wanting this item for AGES and he got it for me ❤
Even when it was SOLD OUT
Thank  you, love~~ 

I took that pic before going to the mall with him ❤
It reads: "月とマティアスさん", our names ^ω^
  I think that's all, folks.
I'm pretty tired today... TGIF! hahaha
This is such an old entry... Anyways, I should go to bed now~


  1. Yo quiero esos bombones *cara de "me gusta"* XD ... y la torta!! Pq posteas comida !!ES CRUEL T_T (????) xD *miunecesitadietamodeon*... El sueter te queda precioso! Te ves super linda! n_n

  2. Yo tambien quiero esos bombones y un リラックマ para mi!
    Que lindas cositas te trajo!
    Te ves muy bien con el sueter!

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  4. Your blog is so cute. Especially all the things you just got from Japan and you of course :D

    You've just got a new follower ^_-


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