Japan trip part 2, I'm coming back... with gyaru plans!! ♥

Hi everyone!
I have big news to share with you all, maybe already know but I'm flying to Tokyo in October and I cannot be more happy!!! :)

As you know, my first time in Japan was in December 28, 2016, when we traveled there to catch some fukubukuro (Lucky bags) in Tokyo and then went onto our city tour throughout the country with our JR Pass.

This will be our second time in Japan and it'll be completely different! :) This time we'll stay only in Tokyo but we will be exploring the outskirts too in day trips ^^

So taking after fellow gyaru blogger Ly from Kawaii Fierce, I want to share with you some details I have planned for my next trip ♥

  • I wanna visit Odaiba again and see the new Gundam that's in place of the old one! :)

  • There's the TeamLab exhibition on the Mori building right now and it's trending, everyone's going there!! ^_^ I can't blame them, the place is AMAZING.

The first time I was in Japan, I was able to attend a TeamLab exhibit on the Nagoya Science Museum and it was really a highlight of our trip. So imagine my surprise when I found out they're now a PERMANENT exhibition and in Odaiba! I fell in love and I plan to get tickets soon *_*

  • Asakusa, Tokyo Tower, Roppongi - we didn't explore as much these areas so this time we will.

  • I wanted to visit Snoopy's Museum but I heard it will close in late September, just before I arrive, zannen desu ne... (what a pity :()

(photo from internet)

  • 『Black Diamond -from 2000-』singer debut on Oct 6th! I almost die when I found out about this, because I can't believe it! I need to get tickets for this as soon as possible too, especially if there is a bonus or VIP tickets to meet the girls! I wanna meet Erimokkori, my gal inspo, in person. 
  • International gaijin gyaru meet up, part 2! I hope I can meet Noy from Akipoyo and Almog (Israel), Noemie from Gyaransu (France) and Marta from Spain since we'll all be in Tokyo for holidays ^___^ 
I already met Noemie and we had a lot of fun, it was an amazing day in Paris with her, although we had sooo little time together ;__; and I also met Marta in Barcelona but we arrived late and I wish we could have had more time ;_; 

Pic by Noy!

I'd also love to meet Abby and Jojo who live there and make it a big meet up ♥Also, I hope I can meet Lea from Iceland again too! We saw eachother in Shibuya 109 last year and said hi but I hope we can go and get some purikura together :D

  • We also plan on filming a parapara video for "We are the world" from Thelma Aoyama together with Noy and Noémie, and it's gonna be amazing! It's my first time at parapara but this routine seems easy for beginners like me :D Let us know if you wanna join us! There's a link on a tutorial of this routine made by Chris in Sekai no Gyarusa gyaru group ^^

  • Esperanza x OK shoes launches on Oct 1st so I'll be dying to get myself a pair of those gorgeous 90s boots!!! A Ran Kotobuki mood *_*

Look at Kaoru! <3 I sgt I don't know which pair I'll get because I love them all LOL

  • Anata no Warehouse, this arcade is modeled after old Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, it looks so amazing and spooky! WANTTTT !! It's near Kawasaki so I'll go explore the area the same day, I've never been in the cities near Tokyo before ^^

  • Style Nanda! I could not miss it cuz it has the best pink photo spot for taking pictures :D
(Pic taken from my friend Katie who is so gorgeous ♡♡♡)
  • Laduree Tokyo ~ Dominique Ansel

I'm really intrigued by this two after visiting Laduree in France! In Tokyo, it's located in Ginza (of course), because that is the upscale neighborhood where all the high end brands are!

And Dominique Ansel, after seeing tons of Youtubers try their stuff, I'm down for it! Just do a quick google search and you'll fall in love with everything (more than Laduree macarons lol!)

The big thing right now is the cronut (pictured below)

and frozen s'mores with cup of milk made of cake :DDD

The rest of their stuff is unbelievable good looking and I wanna try everything xD

  • And finally, more of Takeshita Doori and Uraharajuku (Once is not enough!) 
I wanna explore a bit more Uraharajuku since last time we did it on weekends and it was really crowded lol

I'm gonna end this list right now because I could go on and on...
There's so much I wanna do in Japan, I have a slightly FOMO right now hahahaha.

Are you a jfashion enthusiast or gaijin gyaru coming to Tokyo this fall? Let me know and we can arrange a get together! ♥♥♥

Much love,


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