「Gyaru Meme」Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru?

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! Hope you're all doing okay

So I decided to start this series in English because of several reasons, the most important one being that there's not much active gyaru bloggers nowadays so I want to give something back to our AMAZING international gyaru community. I still have soooo many topics I wanna talk about and share with you, but life and stuff gets in the way...

Anyways^^ I felt really inspired by Mel's blog lately so I want to give blogging regularly a try again Thanks cutie for your support!!

The complete list of this "Gyaru Meme" (not actually a meme, but a 30-day challenge) can be found in this post. The original links back to Lizzie Bee's blog, although I am not sure if it is still available up there.

I know that making my entries in English makes me unavailable/unreachable for most local people who come here for the posts in Spanish (especially those about travels!), so I'll continue writing those in Spanish.

That being said, it's not easy having a blog when you speak more than one language! ;__;

Day 01 – When did you start dressing gyaru?

I started dressing gyaru-like in late 2010, after kpop boom exploded in Argentina, where I was living at the time. :D
Kpop, you say? Yeah, at the time, SNSD members were a huge part of my influence.


Also, I was HEAVY on the white eyeliner makeup. At the time I use to cosplay too, so abusing that poor white kohl was something common at the time (but soon I learnt that it was not as accurate...).

From 2008 and onwards, I used to look at gyaru magazines at a (now defunct) social media called Fotolog, that was heavily used in LatinAmerica, searching for coord inspiration more than anything, since I wasn't too keen on the makeup aspect. I wore little to NO MAKEUP at the time! 
However, I kept pushing those scans & inspo away due to different reasons, the biggest one being that my partner at the time had strong opinions about gyaru. Strong opinions about a lot of "conservative" topics, while restricting my personal style and development. I'm glad to say now that the relationship didn't go further than that, so enter 2010 and the kpop boom, the excuse I just needed to get in :D

Whoa, such a walk down memory lane...!
Hope it was not to boring to read 😅

See you in the next entry!

Til then, take care,



  1. Thank you for the mention & for also getting inspired to blog more TvT Please do so! It's been the same for me, I got into gyaru on autumn 2010. I like reading your blog in spanish as it helps me a lot <3

    1. No worries, cutiepie! ♡ I will try, although I perfectionism really gets in the way of me publishing stuff, and since I re-drafted a lot of stuff over the years, I am now slowly republishing everything I drafted out of fear it was a lousy post hahah. I'm glad to read my posts in Spanish help you!! :) Are you learning Spanish??? That's fun!! I heard it's one of the most difficult languages to learn 🤓

    2. Is it? 0.o I grew up with spanish as my mother is a spanish teacher but because I don't talk at all, words don't come out easily if I encounter a spanish speaker, I'm not confident at all but I try. Now the only way of incorporating spanish is through telenovelas & music haha. Um, and back to the post's topic, perfectionism is suuuch a blocker -.- I also fight with it. But we are humans after all, that's what I try to remember.


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