Got featured in Kawaii International! :)

This happened and I'm reaaaaaaaaally happy!! <3

Soooo... A few weeks ago I was featured in a NHK Kawaii International episode with my two tone hair & my cosmic hairbow from Amai Ayumi (the one that was a gift from Luli and Gabi) 🌙 🎀
You can't imagine how I felt when I heard RinRin Doll mention my username <3 I met her in Chile and she's such a sweet person. I just hope I can be able to meet Misha too. 😍

Selfie with Rin Rin and some gifts from Argentina :)
Anyways, you can watch the episode here: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/vod/kawaii-i/2025085/

It's the one called: Episode #84『Tokyo Sneaker Heads: Customize Your Kicks』
Thank you so much Kawaii.i, Misha Janette and RinRin Doll for choosing me! 💖

I uploaded an excerpt from it here in my instagram (don't forget to follow me!)

Much love,


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