☆ Save yourself, I'll hold them back~ ★

Last friday I attended Inova's Fandom Night - Fiesta Fluo!
Rad party, madness everywhere~~ xD
And according to my friend I was cosplaying Pam from True Blood lol, I think we were already so drunk~~

I was looking for the perfect opportunity to wear this tutuHA babydoll without feeling overdress and Fandom Night was a great party indeed! I must say I'm in love with this onepiece! This color is perfect!!

This dress is totally short and so not flattering, so I added that waist belt and voilà!
I think it looked good! ^.^ Skirt is also tutuHA's. I look so tired, I indeed was! haha

 Already drunk, with friends :D

 Eyemake~~ uppers are Angel eye and lowers are some cheap ebay chinese lashes!

And lookie, I did my brows! :'D I like that color~~
What do you think? yay or nay?

I have a few buys I've haven't posted yet for next time and also I'm currently waiting for new circle lenses :3
Well, that's all~ I've been M.I.A because of school assignments but I doubt anyone here cares hahahahaha.
See you! xoxo,


  1. The dress is so charming and cute!!
    I think I understand your feeling on 'over-dressing' stuff...but I still do it so often XD

  2. Jay omaaaa!! Que rica que estas!!! <3 MUAPAA!!
    Ademas, me ha matado el nombre de tu entrada (ya sabes porque <3 I love it!)
    Me gustaria podes hacer fatals twins contigo en vestidos de tutuha rojo pornosos *^*!! Seria divertido!!
    Y ya me estas contanto exactament como te haces las cejas!! !tutorial, lo que sea quiero ese colorr! Probe con lapiz, pero el ersultado nu me tutaaaa!!! No se si elegi mal el color, o deberia probar macara o sombra T___T AWWWWW
    Muchos besitos muapa, me alegra que lo pasaras bien <3 (porque e nota que lo pasaste bien XDD)!!

  3. que oojoooos <3 re lindas fotos!
    ademas me encanta como tenes el pelo (:
    no, no era ladypotter, potter es mi apellido, digo porque supongo que aveces se puede confundir jajaja

  4. el vestido de estilo Liz Lisa, es de un mercadillo local

  5. ay pero qué wapisima estas con el vestidooo!!!!estas preciosa!!y el rubio te queda super bien ^^

    y gracias por tu comment:D


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