tutuha x stella x yumetenbo x random gets haul!

Since February I've been buying a few gal clothes and I've never blogged about it due to several reasons...
My Shopping Service staff were so slow (but I won't make a bad review about it, in fact I don't wanna write about it at all xD) or my package was stopped by customs (and I wasn't contacted), returned packages, unexpected expensive shipping costs (I had to wait till I got more money and put the items on hold with the SS), bribes from the post mail, and so, but anyways... They are finally here! :)

I've used different shopping services so now I've got more idea of what to expect with some of them (cheap commission fee but EMS only; LOTS of commission fee and "oh I have no idea how to ship with Registered Air Mail or small package -bullsh*t-, please use EMS!" (no fuckin' way).

Unfortunately, my favorite shopping service at that time wasn't available (Treasure Japan, they were moving, so they stopped taking orders and began moving servers) so I had to buy my clothes with other SS ;_;~

Well anyways, this is what I bought~

Just opened! :O

tutuha skirt  in black x black *my new all-time favorite!*
I got it brand new, I didn't mind buying it used but it was the only one available!!
(it was expensive than used... T_T XDDD)

tutuha babydoll in pink (it's more of a fuchsia in real life, although it looks kinda salmon-pink in photos)

 Stella t-shirt (sorry for the shitty quality photo, I'm the worst ph ever and you know it!)

Back details~

Stella misebra *it FITS!! I can't believe it XD*

Stella belt, I love iiiiiiit!!! Well, I loved ALL their belts, so awesome~

Diable Baiser dress~ (I don't like the fabric~ :/ looks cheap)

Linosug furry coat (this was a gift from my mom :3)
Worst photo ever, tho D: gomenne, the coat is really nice in real life!

I also got some random tights from yumetenbo too, you can't never have enough tights!

Sincerely, I was surprised when all the sizes fitted okay ^^ It's my first time buying clothes from yumetenbo/stella, although I have bought from them before it was only shoes and bags and you can't go wrong xD

Other random gets~ xD

Foooood <3 I've already eaten all of this, old photo xD

Cool nail polishes, the black one is crackling nail polish *-*

An ex friend gave me scarf this when I celebrated my birthday in Pani =)
Thank you so much, I really love the print!!! *u*

I owe you some photos modelling my new gets, I've had a really bad day and I don't feel like dolling it up.
In fact, since I've started school again this year I don't really feel like putting falsies to go to my courses. :/
It feels a little bit awkward because I'd like to wear more gyaru daily but I'm just afraid I will stain my clothes with paint while doing some assignment... -_- It's just difficult nowadays to find a balance between the two. I may go out with a few gal friends in the few weeks so I guess I'll doll up for once and take lots of photos... =P

Anyways, as I said earlier, today was a very bad day and tomorrow will be better I think ^^
And I will feel better and will write nicer stuff, I sound so depressed now XD wtf

Wow! First time in a while that I'm writing some personal stuff... Well, don't get too used to it :P hahaha.


  1. dios mio!! me enamore de todo lo que te compraste!!!!!♥
    la falda de tutuHa sobretodo, la querias desde hace tiempo que bien que ya te llego!!!
    jo si vinieras a españa podriamos hacer un conjunto de gemelas con los vestidos de tutuHa jajaj seria super lindo!
    un beso preciosa!!!♥♥

    1. UFFF lo que la tuve que buscaaaaar xDDDDD
      pero cuando una está enfocada en algo lo consigue como sea 8D en fin :3

      opppioo ♥ cuando vaya haremos twins *-* jajajaja me hace mucha ilusión!! un besazo! ♥

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TSUKII!!!!
    Que lindas todas tus adquisiciones! Me enchantan >_<
    El vestido del tutuHA no te digo, que ya sabes que me enchanta! El vestido Diable Baiser es super genial y el bra rockero me ha roto el colazoncito!!! *^*
    Ya te quiero ver fotos con todos (la foto del bra peusto te la perdono si no la subes!! jajajaja)
    Ains..que pobre toy ahora,juuuuuummmm

    1. Ayyy Natt *-* xDD qué diceeeeeees, yo quiero el tuyo *-*
      Pronto subiré fotos y le pondré más onda a esto... o no (?)
      ahora estoy en la misma que tú, paupérrima.... xDDDDDDD

  3. *___* qué comprazas!!!me encanta lo de tutuha!!!el vestido te queda genial!!
    yo quería un abrigo de leopardo como ese y me quedao sin él!!!

    1. Awwww ;_; solo queda esperar que en yumetenbo liquiden algún otro, este lo encontré en las rebajas y de pura suerte había en mi talle ;_____; ya conseguirás uno :3


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