♥My gets from Sami Spoon~♥

Well, I've got new stuff and I wanted to show you ~~
This time I bought items from Sami Spoon from マカロン★dreaming

I got this rare set of Diamond Lash lashes, "Diamond Eye", which could be seen in a few ads with Wakatsuki Chinatsu~

↑ I bought the Princess Eye ones from Cassandra Nguyen @ Facebook

It was less pairs, but cheaper~ I didn't want to buy the full box when they were on Pinky Paradise.
Anyway they're now sold out so yay!

I got a rare W♥C t-shirt too, I don't like it very much but I just wanted an W♥C t-shirt to match my leopard skirt :) and I don't know, more W♥C luvvv?? :3

And well, this is the part I didn't like at all:

* the package was DAMAGED! According to a note, it came ripped all the way from England and here was repackaged. Thank god all the items were in perfect condition but it's the first time I receive a note from the local mail saying "We're sorry for the inconvenience" blablablah...
Nice gesture, tho.

* I also got a tutuHA t-shirt.
It came with some yellow stains although it was listed as "In great condition though I did notice some slight, light yellow markings on the front. They are not very noticeable in my opinion." idk

* And last... The alpaca I bought happened to be... a tiny alpaca phone strap D:
I mean, it's from alpakasso and it's über cute, but what I paid was a lot for my budget and for my 4/5/6/7 times devaluated currency. :(

My decoden phone with the Alpaca charm :) At least it looks cute!!!

So, overall, I'm not so satisfied with my gets this time and I don't think I'm gonna be buying anything else these next weeks~
Anyways I'm so running out of money, I can't buy anything hahah

On another note, meet Poupée, my cat!

Look how cute she is when sleeping... So fat! :3 

And here... Sweets and bakery things! Also lots of muffins, thanks to Valente people who sent them :D


  1. Ahahaha so you were the one who outbid me on the tutuHA shirt xD!! its a shame about some of the stuff ><

  2. awww you got lots of pretty stuff!!, y tu gatito tan lindo y peludo XDDDD ya quiero ver como se te ven las pestanas! :D <3

  3. I cant believe the package got damaged like that, I wonder what happened to it?

    Im sorry if the marks were more than you realised, I never noticed them straight away and thats how it was when I bought it from Mitsu
    and you seem shocked by the Alpaca size? But the auction was for a phone charm it clearly said so :S

    But either way you got some things very cheap compared to the RRP and what I paid haha
    So I hope that has made you happy at least

  4. Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog, Tsuki (^.^) Pues si pero ya soy una sexta generación así que soy más hispana-mexicana =D

    Yo quería esas diamond de empaque amarillo, espero que hagas una review! Y que decir, me encanta tu cabello >_<

    A mi también algunos paquetes me han llegado re-empacados porque en el camino se rompieron =S afortunadamente las cosas han llegado bien =)

    Gracias por seguirme también, guapa!

    Un saludo!

  5. Everything looks nice! The alpaca is so cute. I love how small it is. Hehe. It's always a roulette when one buys things online. We have to do our research. Hehe. :)

    I will be waiting for a nice picture review of the eyelashes, they look really nice. :D

    Hope you are doing OK. :) Cya~

  6. Tsuki nene! Me encantan tus compras nuevas! En especial la Alpaca phone trap! Yo quiero una asi!
    Gracias por pasar y los consejos!

  7. wooooh!!! que lo modele que lo modeleee!! <3

  8. son todas de Ebay, con el shipping incluido no salen ni 40 dolares, algunas menos D:

  9. las pestanas estan lindisima ^^ que bueno que todo llego a salvo =D ! hermoso tu gatito Nyan n.n

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  11. la blusa desgarrada me encanta y el llavero dealpaca ... omg todo muy bello

  12. omg such a great haul! i want it too *___*
    anyway, i have a giveaway on my site, would you like to join it please? ^_^


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