お誕生日おめでとう~❤ v.2013

...léase mi cumple, versión 2013!! :)
Organicé una fiestita en mi casa el sábado 2 de marzo a la noche, un día antes de mi cumple real (3 de marzo) así podía festejar desde las 00hs con mis amigos! :D
No fue super fancy pero weno, nos divertimos muchísimo, hubo mucho chupi que incluso sobró xDDDDDDDD Mis viejos se encargaron de hacer hamburguesas, panchos y choripanes~ (hamburguesas de soja para los vegetarianos también!)
Sobró mucha comida, hielo en escamas, pulpa de fruta para tragos... Pero lo mejor fue el proyector que alquilamos para ver videos y boludeces. LO TENGO QUE REPETIRRRR algún día o comprarme un proyector ASAP!!!
...a.k.a my birthday, 2013 edition!! :)
I arranged a party on my house at night on March 2nd, one day before my actual birthday (March 3rd) so I could be with my friends in the very first moment of my bday!! :)
It wasn't so fancy but I had so much fun (and alcohol)!! :D Also my parents made a BBQ for us~
I'll just dump a lot of pictures because we had a great time ^_________^
Eventually I'll rent a projector again or I'll buy one ASAP, we need to do this again!! 

My hair had just died xD omg I look so drunk! 

Great party! I already miss my friends ;__; I need to organize a party ASAP!!



OMG, loved this collection too and the fact Sakurina is in it~~ *o* I'd gladly buy everything if I had money to spare... <3


GLAD NEWS S/S 2013 collection~

Just saw it on Tumblr and instantly liked it (obviously not everything like those weed tights hahahahhaha xD), but damn I liked this photoset so much!! I think there's some clothes worth buying! *o* ♥ Also love how the model's hair is done <3 Her face reminds me a bit of Natalie Portman... And Charlotte Caniggia XD wahaha

What do you think?


Meeting Tobi (The Little Princling) in Buenos Aires!!

Sorry I forgot to post about this once more XD. Life kind of got in the way...

Anyways, Blogger has been behaving weirdly so I don't know how to draft anymore entries if it isn't gonna save any titles! O_o then I don't remember what did I write and bleh -.- I don't wanna move my blog yet ;__;

So, I was gonna wait til Tobi could send me the pictures to make this entry but I'll do it anyway xDDDDD because Apria sent me some pictures ^-^

He had recently arrived to Buenos Aires so we thought we could show him some cute tourist spots, he wanted to visit the Botanical Garden at the heart of Buenos Aires, in Palermo neighborhood so we met up there. I showed up late because of some paperwork I had to do regarding my former college (to have a few subjects marked as passed in my new college) so when I arrived they we're kind of done with the park xD (If you may please check out Tobi's cool photos about it in his blog!).
We chatted a little and decided to go to Alto Palermo Shopping Mall because we were dying from the heat outdoors and in that place they had air conditioner xD Gosh, at the beginning my spoken English skills were pretty rusty~~~

While skimming through the pages of JK Egg we got orange and peach smoothies and talked about lots of things in Mc Café, kind of a cheap place which I love for grabbing smoothies at reasonable prices here =D (I love Havanna or Café Martinez but I find it expensive! T.T). Hahaha, certainly being a gyaru here is kind of expensive and you can't even find a decent matte contouring palette ¬¬ (oh hell yeah, I love my country xD lol *insert sarcasm sign here*)

Then we went to an icecream parlor called Freddo to get some alfajor icecream (or better put: some alfajores filled with icecream *w* <3) to eat in a great park near Recoleta Cemetery!!! I really loved that place which I didn't know until that day~ Tobi showed it to me and not the other way around, what kind of Buenos Aires resident am I??? Really XDDDDDD

Apria took some photos ^-^ click to enlarge them!

Don't mind my coord and make up, I was in a rush and had no time to do proper gal make up for a meet up ><
 So happy to finally meet him!!! ^-^
" Bitch plz" face :D
Last but not least: to the haters! effff yaaaa ^-^

Well, that's all~~  I'm currently waiting for Tobi to be back in the city so we can hang out more *o* and do some gal related activities or just dance to the sound of Bandana, 2NE1, Marina and the Diamonds and eat alfajores! <3

See you around!


❤Hair makeover (I never posted!!!) + new domain! ^.~❤

Update your bookmarks because now My Selfish Romance! is
Yayyyy finally I stopped being lazy and got it done x)

Regarding my new hairstyle, I kinda forgot I had a blog and went on holidays XD so I have NEVER ever posted any of these photos here (but I have in tumblr, so meh). Last December I got sick of my messy strawberry blonde color so I went to a nice hairdresser in Palermo to get my hair done~

You may not remember how it was so I'll post a before-after picture to compare both hair colors :3

I got done an "ombré" or something like that, like a gradient :) also got a haircut and I like my new hair (even if I find it to be a little darker for my tastes), but I received so much compliments XD and my boyfriend it's like the number one fan xD

Now it's been almost 2 months since I dyed and went to the beach so obviously the color has washed away a little and I'm back to blonde XD

Anyways while I still had this dark color I took a lot of pictures practicing gyaru makeup <3

You may have seen me all over gyaru secrets with this one :3 I like it A LOT, sorry haters~

And for those who say that "If you never post a coordinate you're a bathroom gyaru", well, here's a coord for you (?)

I was trying on a dress for an upcoming wedding party~ 
and practising a bit with eyeshadows from my tokidoki palette =D

Well, that's all for now. <3
I need to get a few photos to write an entry about meeting Tobi last Friday ^___^
See ya! xo