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Desmitificando: Le Guide Noir, ¿ESTAFA PARA BLOGGERS? Scam?

Hace un tiempo descubrí Le Guide Noir, una página con muchas herramientas del tipo de métricas para bloggers. Me tocó (por obligación de esta gente) realizar un post comentando las bondades de ellos. Mi experiencia con ellos fue totalmente mala. No recomiendo realmente este sitio. ¿Por qué? Les paso a contar:


Las consecuencias de organizar como el orto. {{ GAL MEET }}

Coord, hair & make I did wear for a galmeet @ Buenos Aires a few months ago (:
Hope you like it~ n.n
This outfit is one of my all-time favorites~

t-shirt: tutuha
skirt: tutuha
legwarmers: taobao
belt: julia boutique /stella
choker: ebay
furry hat: onespo
tights: cocot (HAHAHAHA!)

About the gyaru meet: It all went smooth, we were like 12 girls - new record of attendees so far! (Since there's always people cancelling on last minute or the attendees happens to be no gyaru at all lol).

Unfortunately in the evening one of the girls stole a belt from a girl that had a few chain belts for sale (Janet, she has an online store here). This was like $4 aprox. And seriously, we never found the belt, and a few girls were playing dumb about it, I was SO pissed. >_>
Have you ever experienced something similar? What do you think we should do about it?
We suspect from a certain girl, but idk... Opinions on this? Such a shitty situation...
Next time we have to be extra careful with people we're inviting to our meets, but this, *SADLY* wasn't arranged by us, thus the hostesses of this meet should have been responsible for the incident. But well... It was a mess to get something done for this meet, and eventho I'm not telling who's who, I don't think I am ever going again to these girls' meetings. It was extremely disrespectful overall, besides the stolen belt incident, since the two hostesses won't even talk to us!!! LOL. so fucking rude.

You need to know that if you're hostessing a meeting, you need to talk to the people you invited. Anyways, that's what you get when you put two weeaboos on charge of a gal group...

Yes, this was a rant post, if you haven't noticed yet :P
Hopefully, we, as true gyarus, are already arranging something big for our beloved -and small- gal community.
If you really like gyaru, please stay tuned! ;)


Reflexiones de domingo.

Si no actualizaba hace rato era porque hace banda que vengo desganada por el blog. Nunca me gustó eso de escribir para un público específico... Hace rato que vengo notando que para que te den bola en un fashion blog, tenés que ser una fotocopia de todas las otras bloggers a las que yo llamo "genéricas". Un par son las que, dentro de toda su no-originalidad y look muy "Vitamina", resaltan; las demás son copia de copia de copia...

No digo que no pase dentro del gyaru, solo digo que no puedo entender como hay gente que se le ocurre poner OOTD teniendo una remera básica y pantalón básico con chatitas. Es decir, para subir una foto así, mejor no subo nada (por eso no actualizo a menos que salga bien vestida y no con ropa "paja", sorry).

Con respecto al gyaru, lo mismo de siempre: la mayoría de bloggers que te pueden llegar a devolver la firma, les importa 3 pitos que exista algo llamado gyaru, que tu vestido sea de MA*RS o de yumetenbo, que el cinto sea de d.i.a y todas esas cosas, porque es far too shocking y nada "básico"...

Bleh, la misma historia de siempre :)
Hacía mucho que no me quejaba de estas cositas (ni que estaba sentada enfrente de la compu como para dedicarle tiempo al blog, jajajaja), pero hoy que es el día de la madre finalmente puedo estar en casa tranquilita con mi familia disfrutando de este domingo que no tiene nada de bajón, yay. (no, posta, no es sarcasmo xD).


Join "Gyaru Meet Up Buenos Aires, Argentina" + Bathroom gyaru?? WTF? XD

I know I said one of my goals for this year was not to be an inconsistent blogger but I'm already failing xD
I only have like half February left and I haven't  posted a single thing despite having lot of entries drafted and scheduled, oh well...

It seems that people in this gyaru comm are such hypocrites so they can't really deal with the fact that someone is being really honest about it. And yes, that would be me and that's why I ended all over gyaru_secrets with captions like "gtfo fugly" or something like that, hahahahaahah. There's also people in disguise on my facebook who screencaps my comments and send them over to latin gyaru secrets, I mean, really dudette, REALLY? XD

Well anyways this entry wasn't planned to talk about g_s and such... I meant to talk about some "new" rules western gyaru have, especially Latin gals who are a bit more clueless than any beginning western gyaru out there.

First of all, there's this Facebook group called GAL TV, run by the same girls from Gyaru America Latina TV, a youtube channel about latin gyaru. Overall, the group is great, you ask for advice and concrit and you get it and such, with no cattiness. But something that really bothers me is the fact this girls have imposed this kind of rule that "you're not a real gyaru if you don't go out in full gyaru everyday and have photos with your family, pets, friends and boyfriend/girlfriend in gyaru because that way we believe you're not a wannabe and that your parents know you're gyaru, otherwise, even if you are, YOU'RE NOT". Okay I mean.... WTF? XD

I don't know why but I was instantly reminded of this scene in Daria XDDDD lol
Then we're being accused of "being lazy" because we don't go out with friends and such... Sadly there's a thing this girls find hardly to understand: For me, this is Argentina. For other girls, they live in Southamerican countries worse than mine. It's not THAT easy like it's for you in the States or Europe. :) So they're calling as "bathroom gyaru" because we don't even step out of our toilets in gyaru make up and coords, according to them. Yeah, it's like you can come to my house and really confirm if I am a toilet gal or not, right??????
Besides, my bf nor sister nor mom like to be posted on the internet in a daily basis. I'm cool with that but they are not, why do I have to explain that to you? Are you the Grand Inquisitor of gyaru??

Lookie I'm the toilet, you can really see I'm not a real gyaru... WTF, not even wearing gyaru make up here XD
Tobi, a former gyaru-o who is now living in Buenos Aires made me realize the tremendous amount of effort of being gyaru while in a Third World country. I think you all are aware of the problematic issues here, like the Dollar ban, I'm gonna take you all for erudite women who are capable of reading anything besides gyaru blogs and since you go out in full gyaru every day I take that you read the paper. :D As I was talking to Tobi he was surprised that here you couldn't find a single brown eyeshadow for contouring that isn't shiny or something, or a good lighter brown eyebrow pencil~

I think it's time for a few of this girls to step on our shoes. Because there isn't such real "struggling" as a latin gyaru living on the USA and having all served in a silver plate around the corner in the nearest Sephora.
And FYI, in Spanish language usage the first thing we all learn is that the plural of any noun has to have an "s" attached to the back. So yeah, that's "gyaruS latinaS" for you, because it's a real grammatical rule of this language and I'm sick of hearing it being corrected to "gyaru" (with no plural) because that may work for English, but not for Spanish or even Portuguese. They also say "gyarus" because that's the way these languages works.

Oh, and just in case, I don't believe gyaru is a lifestyle nowadays. To me it's only a fashion style, such as lolita, harajuku-kei, visual kei or idk... Pastel Goth. There's no such thing as "gyaru lifestyle" and if you believe that, I'm so sorry for bursting your fantasy bubble XDDDDDD

If I don't write about this I couldn't keep on blogging so here I am. I don't even really care if this gets me posted again in wank comms. :D Oh and didn't even spell checked so you'll have more to laugh about :3

Pero si sos de Argentina y te gusta el gyaru, unite a nuestro grupo de Facebook donde hacemos reuniones~ Con gente real y toda la bola! :3 (y no se cancelan por mogoliqueadas :P)

Click to check out "Gyaru Meet Up Buenos Aires, Argentina"  ♥
See you soon! xo


☆、。・:*:・゜、Spanish Only Entry。// スペイン語で書き込み。・:*:・゜`★

Me mata la cantidad de gente hipócrita que dice "Oh, racismo en Japón!! Ellos no nos quieren a nosotros gaijines estadounidenses/ingleses" y después te bannea de ser un blog "calificado" por tener la última entry en castellano.

Sabés qué? Me tiraaaaaaaaaa la garcha... Voy a seguir escribiendo en español mientras se me cante el quinto forro del ocote y quién no entienda se puede buscar tranquilamente un traductor.

La verdad me revienta que yankees horribles y sin una pizca de gal tiren mierda cuando ven algo de gals de latinoamérica, tipo LOL WUT OH NOES THEY COPY LADY LI, tipo, por qué no cierran el ojete??? :D

Quien no haya sentido esta discriminación, que levante la mano por favor...


Cosas que tengo para decir y no le importan a nadie, part I

Mirando imágenes del BAF Week 2011, me siento en la necesidad de escribir sí o sí esto y sacármelo de adentro xD.
Sigo insistiendo que la moda argentina NO me gusta. No porque sea argentina y odie todo lo de mi país, nada más alejado de la realidad, sino porque se la pasan copiando modelos de afuera para tener algo "original" (qué contradicción, no?) y venden todo a unos precios exorbitantes.
Lo peor está ahí... VENDEN. Cómo?
Bueno, se ve que acá todas las boluditas compran y compran, claro, papi paga...
Pero las colecciones no son más que garchas a las cuales les dieron MUCHO bombo y nada más!

Salvo Complot, lo demás deja mucho que desear XD
y aún así, la calidad de mierda que tiene complot para las remeras no me gusta nada, porque la verdad, me cuesta juntar la guita para que después de un tiempo terminen donadas para Cáritas o en la basura esas remeras D: Pensar que las compro solo por el estampado...

Pero bueno, ya ni me gasto ^-^
Saldrá personal shopper desde Japón, y listo, que al menos en marcas como JSG, MA*RS, Golds Infinity y tutuHA SÍ da gusto gastar, y lo mejor: ninguna boludita blogger de acá las tiene :D

Hablando de eso... Actualicé la lista de las cosas que sigo, ya no me voy a gastar más en comentar a desconocidas que me ponen "te sigo" y no me siguen un carajo; gente que no tiene estilo, solo mucha guita XD. Ojalá puedas comprarte estilo con eso! :***

 This is the last time I will ever write in Spanish, I promise lol. I've seen a few visitors here from non-Spanish speaking countries as well so I think I'll translate old entries, just in case you wanna read them. I'm a little outta practice but I like English and languages so I think this is a great opportunity to improve my writing. :D

Here basically I was ranting about how bored and overrated Argentinian fashion is. So overrated AND super expensive, I don't know how everyone is buying things with such bad quality fabrics, and the like.
This past week was Buenos Aires Fashion Week so I've been looking forward to see photos, and it's such a bummer 'cause when I finally see something I like, sure it's expensive as HELL. So, nope, I'm not buying from those brands anymore.

I used to buy in Complot, but I had to throw away a few t-shirts I bought because of the print, very cheap quality~
I'm not a spoiled child. I don't have any money if I don't get it myself. For me, it's pretty difficult to save for clothes and accessories, so I've decided to save for things that are more worth, like some items from JSG, Golds Infinity or MA*RS (Japanese brands). They're expensive but at least I choose them, it's not like I don't have any other option~ and I really really like them. ❤~