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お誕生日おめでとう~❤ v.2013

...léase mi cumple, versión 2013!! :)
Organicé una fiestita en mi casa el sábado 2 de marzo a la noche, un día antes de mi cumple real (3 de marzo) así podía festejar desde las 00hs con mis amigos! :D
No fue super fancy pero weno, nos divertimos muchísimo, hubo mucho chupi que incluso sobró xDDDDDDDD Mis viejos se encargaron de hacer hamburguesas, panchos y choripanes~ (hamburguesas de soja para los vegetarianos también!)
Sobró mucha comida, hielo en escamas, pulpa de fruta para tragos... Pero lo mejor fue el proyector que alquilamos para ver videos y boludeces. LO TENGO QUE REPETIRRRR algún día o comprarme un proyector ASAP!!!
...a.k.a my birthday, 2013 edition!! :)
I arranged a party on my house at night on March 2nd, one day before my actual birthday (March 3rd) so I could be with my friends in the very first moment of my bday!! :)
It wasn't so fancy but I had so much fun (and alcohol)!! :D Also my parents made a BBQ for us~
I'll just dump a lot of pictures because we had a great time ^_________^
Eventually I'll rent a projector again or I'll buy one ASAP, we need to do this again!! 

My hair had just died xD omg I look so drunk! 

Great party! I already miss my friends ;__; I need to organize a party ASAP!!


Fandom Night ~ Edición Fiesta del fin del mundo!!! :D

Dec 21st we celebrated another Fandom Night edition! 
This is a night party event thrown bimonthly by friends~ :D

Me ready to partyyyyy~~!! ;D

Very lazy outfit <3

In my shift I had to paint people :3 first time as n army girl but I didn't had my suit! D: hahah

Aaaanyways, I had so much fun as always :D

Si a alguien de Argentina le interesa, la Fandom Night se hace cada tanto los viernes en Sick Club (Alsina 921, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) :D

Nos vemos pronto! :3

PD: Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとう~~ ♥


☆ Save yourself, I'll hold them back~ ★

Last friday I attended Inova's Fandom Night - Fiesta Fluo!
Rad party, madness everywhere~~ xD
And according to my friend I was cosplaying Pam from True Blood lol, I think we were already so drunk~~

I was looking for the perfect opportunity to wear this tutuHA babydoll without feeling overdress and Fandom Night was a great party indeed! I must say I'm in love with this onepiece! This color is perfect!!

This dress is totally short and so not flattering, so I added that waist belt and voilà!
I think it looked good! ^.^ Skirt is also tutuHA's. I look so tired, I indeed was! haha

 Already drunk, with friends :D

 Eyemake~~ uppers are Angel eye and lowers are some cheap ebay chinese lashes!

And lookie, I did my brows! :'D I like that color~~
What do you think? yay or nay?

I have a few buys I've haven't posted yet for next time and also I'm currently waiting for new circle lenses :3
Well, that's all~ I've been M.I.A because of school assignments but I doubt anyone here cares hahahahaha.
See you! xoxo,


Fuck you BAF Week 2012! XD

Bueno, finalmente fuimos con Apria y Gaguiz al tan aclamado BAF después de tiempo de querer ir~
Lo único que destacamos son los stands, esos sí que estaban buenísimos...
Lo demás, medio bleh, medio embole el asunto... ¿En serio tanta gente paga para ver... eso? XD
Nosotras fuimos con entraditas gratis♥, sino ni en pedo xD

Well,  we finally decided after a long time to go to this edition of Buenos Aires Fashion Week (BAF week or BAF for short), with Apria and my sister~
I don't know why everyone speaks so highly of this, after all it was no big deal.
I mean, I could've been better :/ I can't believe there's people who actually pay to see this sh*t XD 
Anyways we got free tickets, thank god xD

 Nuevas pestañas, las de la giveaway de Sui~~ ^^
que me llegaron ayer, justito! :3
New lower falsies, I won them on Sui's giveaway ^^
they arrived yesterday, just in time :3

Antes de salir, en casa~~

Sweater: Complot
Tapado: Linosug (Yumetenbo)
Remera: Stella
Zapatos: Fakes Lita :D
Accesorios: Muaa, Lithium

Dibujito lindo estilo anime hecho por mi amiga Apria
Entren al link para ver sus trabajos~~
Little sketch done by my friend Apria ♥ 
click the link to see more of her artwork, she's an artist
and a GOOD one! ^^

 Apria Bree~~ :3

Outfit shot! I love this photo!
My sis~

*gestos a Apria* ésta es la pulsera que me gustó!! xDD

 My sister + Pum Pum
Y eso es todo por ahora~~ ^^

Mientras hacíamos la cola para el desfile de Muaa nos encontramos a Cym de Underground Addicts blog :)

Después fuimos al Burger King a charlar un rato y luego compré unos cosméticos en Farmacity :3
Pronto más entradas, tengo miles en borrador! :D

Til next time! :D I have more than few entries queued!! :3