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♡ Japanese Garden SPRING GAL MEET by Gyaru Argentina ♡

¡Buenas! ¿Cómo andan?
Hoy les traigo fotos de una juntada gyaru que realizamos en Octubre 2015 en el bonito Jardín Japonés de Buenos Aires :)
Si bien ya había hablado de esta meet en la página del blog, no me había tomado el tiempo de subir las fotos :P
En esos días tenía el pelo muy largo y rubio así que decidí hacerme un sujimori super simple ♥
De paso, aproveché a estrenar el vestido de cebra de MA*RS ^^


Long time no see... Winter GAL MEET powered by ♡ Gyaru Meet Up Argentina ♡

Hola gente, como les va?  ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ ♡
Disculpen la tardanza en volver a la vida al blog, tengo millones de posteos atrasados que no quiero quemarlos todos ahora pero es que WOOHOOOOO parciales! Ya rendí todo, espero que me haya ido genial porque estuve estudiando mucho xD :V
Sumado a eso, quería hacer otra entrada distinta después de lo del BAFWEEK para no saturar con el tema así que quería dejar pasar un tiempito, y cuando después tuve ganas de postear la entrada, NO TENÍA FOTOS!!!! 
Se acuerdan que les dije que para hacer la segunda parte necesitaba fotos de mis outfits?
Bueno, pequeño temita... No pude conseguir las fotos hasta el finde pasado!!! ¬¬
Así que bueno... Nada, eso me atrasó innecesariamente :S

Pero en fin, vamos al tema de hoy:
Les traigo las fotos de la última (bah, ya hicimos otras jajaja) gal meet de invierno.
Qué es eso? Qué es una gyaru? Es lo mismo gal que gyaru? (sí xD).
Si tienen ganas, se pueden remitir a este post donde explico de qué trata esta moda japonesa que me vuelve LOCA. 

Bueno, como todx amante de moda japonesa, en Argentina se suelen organizar reuniones, juntaditas, etc. Este año estuve muy metida en organización de juntadas y demás, no solo de gyaru sino de moda japonesa en general (léase juntadas de Rock Me Japan ^_~) así que pese a tener poco tiempo, tengo mucha tela para cortar, ya que fue un 2015 muy productivo!

Con las admins de Gyaru Meet Up Argentina (vease primera foto arriba de todo :D) decidimos que la consigna era Meet de Invierno, así que pese a que en las fotos nos vemos muy flojitas de ropa... Actually, nos estábamos cagando de frío :D TODO POR LA MODA XD
Este fue mi outfit, inspirado en las chicas de Black Diamond, las kurogals (96gals) :) 
Un outfit tsuyome gyaru! :D


Las consecuencias de organizar como el orto. {{ GAL MEET }}

Coord, hair & make I did wear for a galmeet @ Buenos Aires a few months ago (:
Hope you like it~ n.n
This outfit is one of my all-time favorites~

t-shirt: tutuha
skirt: tutuha
legwarmers: taobao
belt: julia boutique /stella
choker: ebay
furry hat: onespo
tights: cocot (HAHAHAHA!)

About the gyaru meet: It all went smooth, we were like 12 girls - new record of attendees so far! (Since there's always people cancelling on last minute or the attendees happens to be no gyaru at all lol).

Unfortunately in the evening one of the girls stole a belt from a girl that had a few chain belts for sale (Janet, she has an online store here). This was like $4 aprox. And seriously, we never found the belt, and a few girls were playing dumb about it, I was SO pissed. >_>
Have you ever experienced something similar? What do you think we should do about it?
We suspect from a certain girl, but idk... Opinions on this? Such a shitty situation...
Next time we have to be extra careful with people we're inviting to our meets, but this, *SADLY* wasn't arranged by us, thus the hostesses of this meet should have been responsible for the incident. But well... It was a mess to get something done for this meet, and eventho I'm not telling who's who, I don't think I am ever going again to these girls' meetings. It was extremely disrespectful overall, besides the stolen belt incident, since the two hostesses won't even talk to us!!! LOL. so fucking rude.

You need to know that if you're hostessing a meeting, you need to talk to the people you invited. Anyways, that's what you get when you put two weeaboos on charge of a gal group...

Yes, this was a rant post, if you haven't noticed yet :P
Hopefully, we, as true gyarus, are already arranging something big for our beloved -and small- gal community.
If you really like gyaru, please stay tuned! ;)


A new GAL m e e t @ Bs As, Argentina! quick update!

So... I haven't been online in AGES! I'm terrible at maintaining a blog, but I've been away of most online communities, god knows why haha. Ugh I simply lack at this x.x now that I have an instagram account I rarely post anymore and I grew tired of dumping gets photos just like everyone else~

Sooooooooooo a few months ago I attended a gal meet ~ ^^
I was a bit reluctant at first but that evening the new girls grew on me :3 Now I like them a lot!
It's nice to see new people getting interested in gyaru again :D like a fresh start!

Barb, Barbie, Yexi, Chibi and Furo~

I did Barb's gal make up! I think it turned up pretty good.... 
Look at that nose stripe! :P

These two girls are called Barbie :3

I live for things like this ;~; that day was so much fun! 
Then later I went to get sushi with my bf... Quite a perfect day overall! ^^
There's still lots of Argentinian gals left to meet - so start gathering soon, girls! <3



Meeting Tobi (The Little Princling) in Buenos Aires!!

Sorry I forgot to post about this once more XD. Life kind of got in the way...

Anyways, Blogger has been behaving weirdly so I don't know how to draft anymore entries if it isn't gonna save any titles! O_o then I don't remember what did I write and bleh -.- I don't wanna move my blog yet ;__;

Tobi had recently arrived to Buenos Aires so we thought we could show him some cute tourist spots, he wanted to visit the Botanical Garden at the heart of Buenos Aires, in Palermo neighborhood so we met up there. I showed up late because of some paperwork I had to do regarding my former college (to have a few subjects marked as passed in my new college) so when I arrived they we're kind of done with the park xD (If you may please check out Tobi's cool photos about it in his blog!).
We chatted a little and decided to go to Alto Palermo Shopping Mall because we were dying from the heat outdoors and in that place they had air conditioner xD Gosh, at the beginning my spoken English skills were pretty rusty~~~

While skimming through the pages of JK Egg we got orange and peach smoothies and talked about lots of things in Mc Café, kind of a cheap place which I love for grabbing smoothies at reasonable prices here =D (I love Havanna or Café Martinez but I find it expensive! T.T). Hahaha, certainly being a gyaru here is kind of expensive and you can't even find a decent matte contouring palette ¬¬ (oh hell yeah, I love my country xD lol *insert sarcasm sign here*)

Then we went to an icecream parlor called Freddo to get some alfajor icecream (or better put: some alfajores filled with icecream *w* <3) to eat in a great park near Recoleta Cemetery!!! I really loved that place which I didn't know until that day~ Tobi showed it to me and not the other way around, what kind of Buenos Aires resident am I??? Really XDDDDDD

Don't mind my coord and make up, I was in a rush and had no time to do proper gal make up for a meet up ><

 So happy to finally meet him!!! ^-^
" Bitch plz" face :D
Last but not least: to the haters! effff yaaaa ^-^

Well, that's all~~  I'm currently waiting for Tobi to be back in the city so we can hang out more *o* and do some gal related activities or just dance to the sound of Bandana, 2NE1, Marina and the Diamonds and eat alfajores! <3

See you around!


♡♥ Meeting with friends @ Alto Palermo ♥♡

Last Friday was supposed to be the big gal meet in Buenos Aires~
In the end it was more like a cozy meeting with friends, it was so good ^^
Este último viernes se suponía que era el gal meet en Buenos Aires~
Al final terminó siendo como una linda reunión entre amigas, estuvo bueno ^^

My hairstyle for the day was this:
Mi peinado para el día :3

Here you can see my eyemake :D Lowers are princess eye, upper lashes are from ebay (usd 1 or so xD)
My t-shirt and skirt are from 47 st~ ^^
Maquillaje de los ojos :D Las pestañas de abajo son las princess eye, las de arriba son chinas de ebay de 1 dolar o algo así xD Remera y pollera de 47 st (para vos Adriiii que me preguntabas xD)

We met @ Starbucks, grabbed something to eat (gingerbread♥, because I like to combine spicy things to eat and drink) and a tall iced chai latte and chatted.
Like, A LOT. Wow, so much things were going on... We couldn't stop talking all the time xD.
Nos encontramos en starbucks, compramos algo para comer y tomar, yo compré budín de jengibre y un chai latte helado (2 cositas medio picantes que combinan muy bien♥) y charlamos BOCHA.
No, en serio, muchísimo jajajajaja, teníamos muchas cosas para hablar aparentemente, no paramos de hablar en toda la tarde xD.

Then we did a lot of window shopping~ but there are a few things we want to buy next time we get together ^__^
Miramos muchas vidrieras en el shopping y hay cosas que no compramos, pero que vamos a comprar la próxima ^_____^

 As you can see in several photos, the Christmas deco were not so great in this shopping mall =/
Como pueden ver en las fotos, no estaba muy decorado el shopping con las cosas de Navidad... 
Cero vibra navideña, la verdad =/

 Then we got tired of walking so we headed to Mc Donalds, the only place where we got a seat hahahah and ordered some things from Mc Café.
Como nos re cansamos de caminar tanto alrededor del shopping, nos fuimos a un Mc Donalds así nos sentábamos, porque en el patio de comidas o sbux no había lugar jajaja.
Ahí pedimos algunas cositas del Mc Café.

 My treats~ 

 Last photo of the day~

It was indeed a great day!  チュウチュウ(  ̄з(〃´▽`〃)ε ̄ )チュウチュウ
Hope to see you girls soon and do some gyaru challenging things, you know~ (。・ω・。)。
Fue un día buenísimoooo :3 que espero que se repita pronto, aparte de los planes de deco den que dijimos de hacer y varios gyaru challenges como... 
BUENO, lo ven la próxima xD Uds. saben chicas :3 hahahah.

See you next time!
Nos vemos!


~♡ Starbucks Florida Gyaru meeting :D ♡~

Hace muuucho que no pongo nada acá porque la última vez que lo hice perdí todo y el borrador de Blogger no me lo guardó.... ¬¬ así que en fin, hoy no tengo ganas de escribir en inglés tampoco!
Estoy cambiando algunas cosas así que volé a la mierda links y gadgets del costado :3 ya volverán~

Tampoco quería dejar pasar más tiempo sin escribir en castellano y poner las fotos del último Gyaru Meet♥ que organicé! :3
Decidimos juntarnos en Starbucks Florida y al final me pude pedir un Venti Chai Latte helado (Good ol' times! ♥ lo re extrañaba!!! D:)

Me encantó la meeting! ^__________^
Por mas reuniones asi, chicas <3
Mi outfit y peinado para el día ^^
Accesorios: Lithium
Remera: tutuHA
Pollera: W♥C
Medias: COCOT ajaja me siento Susana Gimenez xD

Mi mejor amiga Sil ♥ Que siempre está! :)
No tengo mejor foto de mi make, pero estaba usando las Princess Eye :3

Y acá en una foto con unas chicas re colgadas que se sumaron a lo último de la meeting, sin hablarnos en todo el dia, solo porque dijimos "foto grupal" .___. para eso ni vengan, la onda es socializar! lol

Anyways :3

Espero que una juntada así de todas se repita pronto~~ (y que la próxima seamos más ♥). 
Todavía tenemos pendiente ir a comer al restaurant donde trabaja Kyu, e ir a comer todas juntas (número par xD) una fondue! (* ̄▽ ̄*)〃▽〃) ♥
 PD: R.I.P Steve Jobs TwT