Japan trip part 2, I'm coming back... with gyaru plans!! ♥

Hi everyone!
I have big news to share with you all, maybe already know but I'm flying to Tokyo in October and I cannot be more happy!!! :)

As you know, my first time in Japan was in December 28, 2016, when we traveled there to catch some fukubukuro (Lucky bags) in Tokyo and then went onto our city tour throughout the country with our JR Pass.

This will be our second time in Japan and it'll be completely different! :) This time we'll stay only in Tokyo but we will be exploring the outskirts too in day trips ^^

So taking after fellow gyaru blogger Ly from Kawaii Fierce, I want to share with you some details I have planned for my next trip ♥


『Diario de viaje #1』Ida a Japón con Delta y Airbnb drama!

Post larguito así que todo abajo del corte, continuen leyendo!

El vidrio del aeropuerto de Ezeiza dice "Felices fiestas porque viajábamos el 27 de diciembre, después de Navidad.