A new GAL m e e t @ Bs As, Argentina! quick update!

So... I haven't been online in AGES! I'm terrible at maintaining a blog, but I've been away of most online communities, god knows why haha. Ugh I simply lack at this x.x now that I have an instagram account I rarely post anymore and I grew tired of dumping gets photos just like everyone else~

Sooooooooooo a few months ago I attended a gal meet ~ ^^
I was a bit reluctant at first but that evening the new girls grew on me :3 Now I like them a lot!
It's nice to see new people getting interested in gyaru again :D like a fresh start!

Barb, Barbie, Yexi, Chibi and Furo~

I did Barb's gal make up! I think it turned up pretty good.... 
Look at that nose stripe! :P

These two girls are called Barbie :3

I live for things like this ;~; that day was so much fun! 
Then later I went to get sushi with my bf... Quite a perfect day overall! ^^
There's still lots of Argentinian gals left to meet - so start gathering soon, girls! <3