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Rock Me Japan // 1st meet up ♥ (Argentina J-fashion) + info próxima HARAJUKU WALK BUENOS AIRES!

Este posteo es de marzo pero como ya nos estamos acercando a la Harajuku Fashion Walk, aprovecho para revivirlo <3

El 15 de marzo fue la primera reunión del grupo "Rock Me Japan" en donde soy admin, está formado por personas que siguen distintos estilos de moda japonesa (tales como el lolita, gyaru y decora) con la idea de promover todo lo que es el j-fashion en Argentina! =)

Con las admins del grupo <3

En esta juntada conocí en persona a varias chicas que las conocía solamente por internet, fue bueno ponerle caritas y voces a lo que leí en grupos ^^ Además de que varias son lolitas hermosas que me dan todas las ganas de largar el gyaru al carajo y querer ser lolita only... Ok no xD pero si probar otros estilos como el lolita, decora, etc  ♥

Este fue el coord gyaru que usé :) algo que tenía ganas de usar hace rato, inspirado en tutuHA vieja escuela :3 (imaginense Morimayu y eso XD)


Las consecuencias de organizar como el orto. {{ GAL MEET }}

Coord, hair & make I did wear for a galmeet @ Buenos Aires a few months ago (:
Hope you like it~ n.n
This outfit is one of my all-time favorites~

t-shirt: tutuha
skirt: tutuha
legwarmers: taobao
belt: julia boutique /stella
choker: ebay
furry hat: onespo
tights: cocot (HAHAHAHA!)

About the gyaru meet: It all went smooth, we were like 12 girls - new record of attendees so far! (Since there's always people cancelling on last minute or the attendees happens to be no gyaru at all lol).

Unfortunately in the evening one of the girls stole a belt from a girl that had a few chain belts for sale (Janet, she has an online store here). This was like $4 aprox. And seriously, we never found the belt, and a few girls were playing dumb about it, I was SO pissed. >_>
Have you ever experienced something similar? What do you think we should do about it?
We suspect from a certain girl, but idk... Opinions on this? Such a shitty situation...
Next time we have to be extra careful with people we're inviting to our meets, but this, *SADLY* wasn't arranged by us, thus the hostesses of this meet should have been responsible for the incident. But well... It was a mess to get something done for this meet, and eventho I'm not telling who's who, I don't think I am ever going again to these girls' meetings. It was extremely disrespectful overall, besides the stolen belt incident, since the two hostesses won't even talk to us!!! LOL. so fucking rude.

You need to know that if you're hostessing a meeting, you need to talk to the people you invited. Anyways, that's what you get when you put two weeaboos on charge of a gal group...

Yes, this was a rant post, if you haven't noticed yet :P
Hopefully, we, as true gyarus, are already arranging something big for our beloved -and small- gal community.
If you really like gyaru, please stay tuned! ;)


☆ Save yourself, I'll hold them back~ ★

Last friday I attended Inova's Fandom Night - Fiesta Fluo!
Rad party, madness everywhere~~ xD
And according to my friend I was cosplaying Pam from True Blood lol, I think we were already so drunk~~

I was looking for the perfect opportunity to wear this tutuHA babydoll without feeling overdress and Fandom Night was a great party indeed! I must say I'm in love with this onepiece! This color is perfect!!

This dress is totally short and so not flattering, so I added that waist belt and voilà!
I think it looked good! ^.^ Skirt is also tutuHA's. I look so tired, I indeed was! haha

 Already drunk, with friends :D

 Eyemake~~ uppers are Angel eye and lowers are some cheap ebay chinese lashes!

And lookie, I did my brows! :'D I like that color~~
What do you think? yay or nay?

I have a few buys I've haven't posted yet for next time and also I'm currently waiting for new circle lenses :3
Well, that's all~ I've been M.I.A because of school assignments but I doubt anyone here cares hahahahaha.
See you! xoxo,


Matinee EMO My Chemical Romance outfit~~


 Estoy actualizando seguido porque no quiero estudiar ni hacer tarea, hahahaha.
Super faiiiiiiil mis actualizaciones, I know, pero bueno, no importa, después se quejan de que no pongo nada, así que skfksdf whatever :D

I'm up to date with the blog posts because I need to get distracted from my homework and studies~ XDD
Hyper fail, I know, but who cares... At least I'm updating with something, so yeah, whatever :D

El sábado había una matinee/cosa rara para pendejos JAJAJA de My Chem y bueno, es My Chem, decidí ir porque hacía rato que no la frikeaba tanto, short and simple xD de ahí a que todo el outfit sea NEGRO(?)

Allá me encontré con Haru y Chel y nos cagamos de risa hablando de... Un montón de cosas que no me había enterado LOOOOOOOOOL tanto material para reirse ajaajjajaja. Espero volver a verlas pronto!  ♥

Last saturday there was some kind of special matinee featuring My Chemical Romance and I'm a super fan, so I HAD to be there. ♥

Haciendo más pelotudeces antes de salir xD
Being silly before going out! xD
Y por si a alguien le interesa... hahah
In case you're interested, ahahah

T-shirt, sweater, belt: random
Skirt: tutuha
Hairband: Todo Moda
Tights: ebay
Shoes: JC lita dupes

 Eyemake :D lol no se fijen igual en las cejas que estaban re bleh...
Eyemake, don't look at my eyebrows, they suck D:

Bueno, por ahora eso es todo~~ Cya~~ :3


tutuha x stella x yumetenbo x random gets haul!

Since February I've been buying a few gal clothes and I've never blogged about it due to several reasons...
My Shopping Service staff were so slow (but I won't make a bad review about it, in fact I don't wanna write about it at all xD) or my package was stopped by customs (and I wasn't contacted), returned packages, unexpected expensive shipping costs (I had to wait till I got more money and put the items on hold with the SS), bribes from the post mail, and so, but anyways... They are finally here! :)

I've used different shopping services so now I've got more idea of what to expect with some of them (cheap commission fee but EMS only; LOTS of commission fee and "oh I have no idea how to ship with Registered Air Mail or small package -bullsh*t-, please use EMS!" (no fuckin' way).

Unfortunately, my favorite shopping service at that time wasn't available (Treasure Japan, they were moving, so they stopped taking orders and began moving servers) so I had to buy my clothes with other SS ;_;~

Well anyways, this is what I bought~

Just opened! :O

tutuha skirt  in black x black *my new all-time favorite!*
I got it brand new, I didn't mind buying it used but it was the only one available!!
(it was expensive than used... T_T XDDD)

tutuha babydoll in pink (it's more of a fuchsia in real life, although it looks kinda salmon-pink in photos)

 Stella t-shirt (sorry for the shitty quality photo, I'm the worst ph ever and you know it!)

Back details~

Stella misebra *it FITS!! I can't believe it XD*

Stella belt, I love iiiiiiit!!! Well, I loved ALL their belts, so awesome~

Diable Baiser dress~ (I don't like the fabric~ :/ looks cheap)

Linosug furry coat (this was a gift from my mom :3)
Worst photo ever, tho D: gomenne, the coat is really nice in real life!

I also got some random tights from yumetenbo too, you can't never have enough tights!

Sincerely, I was surprised when all the sizes fitted okay ^^ It's my first time buying clothes from yumetenbo/stella, although I have bought from them before it was only shoes and bags and you can't go wrong xD

Other random gets~ xD

Foooood <3 I've already eaten all of this, old photo xD

Cool nail polishes, the black one is crackling nail polish *-*

An ex friend gave me scarf this when I celebrated my birthday in Pani =)
Thank you so much, I really love the print!!! *u*

I owe you some photos modelling my new gets, I've had a really bad day and I don't feel like dolling it up.
In fact, since I've started school again this year I don't really feel like putting falsies to go to my courses. :/
It feels a little bit awkward because I'd like to wear more gyaru daily but I'm just afraid I will stain my clothes with paint while doing some assignment... -_- It's just difficult nowadays to find a balance between the two. I may go out with a few gal friends in the few weeks so I guess I'll doll up for once and take lots of photos... =P

Anyways, as I said earlier, today was a very bad day and tomorrow will be better I think ^^
And I will feel better and will write nicer stuff, I sound so depressed now XD wtf

Wow! First time in a while that I'm writing some personal stuff... Well, don't get too used to it :P hahaha.


♡♥Finally, Christmas Wishlist~ + My thoughts on JLPT 2011♥♡


It's been a while since I wrote in English! I'm sure pretty rusty, lol.
Hace mil que no escribo nada en inglés, así que estoy re dura XD

Last Sunday I took the JLPT N3. I'm sure I will regret saying this, but I think I did it real well. :D
We'll see in March (that's when the results arrive in Argentina).
The 聴解 part was so easy it almost seemed like an old 4級 聴解 xD
文字語彙 was pretty okay since I studied with N2 lists~
読解 was veeery boring, but ok I think, as 文法 :3
Overall, a good experience I took every other year ^^
And definitely the best part: eating obento in the recess with my bf ♥

El domingo pasado fui a rendir el Nouryoku Shiken N3 (能力試験 )o JLPT N3, el nuevo nivel que han agregado entre el viejo 3kyuu y 2kyuu. Capaz me arrepienta de decir esto, pero creo que me fue RE bien. :D
Vamos a ver en marzo que me saco recién (cuando los resultados llegan a Argentina).
El choukai (parte tipo listening) fue tan fácil que parecía sacado del 4kyuu xD
El mojigoi (vocabulario) también fue muy fácil porque yo había estudiado con listas de 2kyuu~

En el dokkai (reading comprehension) había textos re aburridos, pero igual creo que hice todo bien, mismo en la parte de grammar. :3
Resumiendo, una buena experiencia que repito todos los años, y como siempre lo mejor es comer los obentos, sobre todo acompañada ♥

About my Xmas wishlist... 
In the beginning I wanted lots of things, of course xD
I reduced it so it could be at least a bit affordable~
Lista de cosas que quiero para Navidad...
Obviamente si por mi fuera podría más cosas xD pero la achiqué así es más alcanzable xD

Bikinis! Because in this part of the planet (Argentina, South America) it's freaking SUMMER! 
I do like it, but it's been super hot this days it's almost unbeareable x_x 
So I need a cute swimsuit to go swimming~~ I love pools! :) ♥
Bikinissss para esta parte del planeta donde es VERANO, contrario a todos los blogs que leo que están en el otro hemisferio y es invierno T_T
Me encanta el calor pero estos días está insoportable x_X

And btw, is there any Australian gal? I would like to share some insight with gals who live in almost the same parallel, since it's almost the same weather and seasons too.

tutuha black skirt~
I love it in lots of colors but for now I've settled on this :3

D-UP Eyelashes Fixer EX 552-Clear Type

 all this from 夢展望 ♡

I don't know if I could get them all but I will try ♡ and I will show you! ^^
No sé si puedo conseguir todo (por ejemplo, la pollera de tutuha, cosa que está difícil enganchar una oO) pero voy a tratar y mostrarles ^^

Oh, and last... Next Friday I'm hosting this gal meet up in Buenos Aires.
A quienes les interese, viernes 9 de diciembre, 14 hs en el Alto Palermo, en la entrada de Starbucks.
La idea es hacer algo super tranqui, tomar un café y conocernos, sean gals, no gals, interesadas en el gal, admiradores del gal, etc, como sea, están invitados a venir a pasar una tarde para conocernos todos, ya que bastantes personas de Bs As están interesándose por el gal, yay :3
Pueden traer amigas of course, no importa que no sean gals, lo importante es que vayan con MUCHA buena onda, porque ya ha pasado de hacer otros gal meets y que hayan ido personas que parecía que muchas ganas de estar ahí, no tenían. xD

Well then, see you next time! ^^