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March 3rd: My B-day ~ タンオメ! 8D

A few weeks ago on March 3rd was my Birthday~ :D
I started the day with a dinner at my grandma's with my family + boyfriend~

Then I decided to have a nice chat with my girls so we went to a super cute café called Pani.

I even got there very late ;__; Sorry Apria! T.T

She kindly took a few photos for us~ ♥

We first had a little table but more people kept coming and we later changed to a bigger one :3

Sis, Silvi & Apria 
My "daughter" Ake & her girlfriend Sasha x3

Haciendo el tonto (?) xD


More silly me x)
My best girls <3

It was a very great day! I also received a lot of gifts ^^ xD

Thank you girls for coming :3

Then at night we went out with le boyfriend ♥ to eat Japanese food~
Anyways, that's for another entry~!
See you soon ^^