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New hair color + Toki Doki palette! *w*

Last Saturday I went with my cousin and my sister to a restaurant called "Las Cabras", located in Plaza Serrano neighborhood  (Palermo Soho/Hollywood, I think? I always get confused lol).
I was so busy eating all the delicious food that I didn't have enough time to take food pictures! haha
I took a few while waiting for the food~~

As you can see I've changed my hair color ^^

After that, we went clubbing to a little punk club (no photos at all) and then my cousin gave me a Toki Doki eyeshadow palette ♥ I love it!!

Outfit photo~~ I'm loving these fake Lita so bad, they're pretty comfortably!  ♥

Time to go! I should be studying right now!


Desfile Verónica de la Canal~ Harrods Argentina

Mis fotos del último desfile de Verónica de la Canal, que fue el lunes 21/05/2012, se hizo en el viejo edificio de Harrods Argentina.

Muy lindo todooooo, menos que no se veía un c*rajo y la distribución de las sillas era medio... cualquiera? XD en fin.

Se suponía que tenía que haber un caminito por donde pasaran las modelos, pasaron re poquitas y pasaban muy rápido algunas x_x después al final cuando pasaron con Verónica de la Canal todo el mundo se tiró sobre el caminito y al choto todooooo JAJAJAAJJA.

En el desfile, con mucha cara de monga (? imitando a otra monga (???????
El sábado fui al cine a ver The Avengers (¡Buenéeeeeeeeeeesemaa! xDDD) y hoy a ver Elefante Blanco :)


~♡Gyaru Meeting Argentina♡~

Hi gurlz~~ It's been a long time without any new entry here... Hehe ^^
Today I'm gonna show you, as I promised before, pics of the last Gyaru Meeting we had in Buenos Aires, Argentina ●≧∪≦)ノ

We had dinner at Tazz and then... Partyy~~ ギャルパーティー!!(。ゝω・)~♡(♡▽♡)

Here with Miu-chan, my favourite Argentinian gyaru, such an inspiration!!!

Sammy and Kyuu being all cute! <3
Silvi, my bestie :3 she's not gyaru but she's soooo into it!
I brain-washed her, mwahahhaha :3

With Aoko-chan, Adri :3 who is such a sweetheart ♡♡

More awkward poses with Aoko-chan!

Nice evening, ladies~~ I hope that we can repeat it soon :3
We should go to T.G.I. Fridays or something the next time (● ´ ε `。●) 
I wanna eat that "Oreo Madness" thing AGAIN! ☆・*:.。.(●≧▽≦)^☆スキ②ダイスッキ.。.:*・☆