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#TBT: BAFWEEK 2015, parte 2: Outfits!

Bueno, hace rato tenía ganas de escribir sobre lo que fue el BAFWEEK al que fui el año pasado, ya había hecho un post pero en este me quería centrar en los outfits que usamos con mi amiga Cym (@hhhospitalforsouls en instagram, por si la quieren seguir... tiene uno de los themes más perfectos que conozco 💜💜💜).

Yo no suelo ir nunca a estos eventos por mi propia política de "seguro son una mierda" y me pareció interesante darle una segunda oportunidad para ver si era tan así como decía.
Al final resulta que NO ME EQUIVOQUÉ XD, me cabe por no seguir mi intuición...

Para más info, lean el post anterior de Como prender fuego a las bloggers parte 1 (click en el link) para entender a lo que me refiero. Anyways, por un motivo u otro no tenía tiempo para sentarme y escribir así que lol acá está, después de como 1 año :D


La moda, no apta para todos los tipos de cuerpos? Post DEBATE ++ experiencia personal

Hoy les traigo otra entrada vieja, que la tenía en danza hace rato pero por algún motivo olvidé publicarla.

Hace un tiempo vengo notando que la moda viene cada vez más transgresora y las grandes marcas se animan a los famosos "cuerpos reales", es decir plus size, usando cada vez términos más ¿irónicos? y marcando la diferencia entre "real" y "saludable".
Ser plus-size hoy está definitivamente de moda.

Más allá de lo controversial que pueda sonar (y sin entrar en profundidad en discusiones al respecto de que toda etiqueta es un dolor de pelotas y que todxs* los cuerpos son reales), vengo a contar lo que me he tenido que fumar alguna vez en mi vida al respecto de mi ser plus :P

(*todxs = sin excepciones)

Básicamente, nunca me gustó la moda que "está de moda", el normcore de Zara, Desiderata y similares, ni el darki prefabricado mandragora bondstreetero.
Siempre traté de tirarme para el lado de mi estilo, a mi manera, de la forma en que más me guste y sienta que me haga feliz.
Eso trae aparejado decisiones de "diseño" (por decir de alguna manera) a la hora de armar coords, outfits y demás, teniendo en cuenta lo que siente mejor al cuerpo de cada uno, en este caso el mío.

Obviamente tengo sobrepeso y lo primero que oigo al respecto siempre es "ay, pero no se nota", "nah, seguro son pocos kg!", "la clave es usar ropa holgada/ropa negra/modal(?)", etc, etc. Quizás ustedes también lo han vivido en carne propia.

Heme aquí con el dilema de que no me gusta usar ropa holgada, la ropa negra me gusta en su justa medida y aborrezco el modal en todas sus formas. Redoblando la apuesta, lo que me gusta es la ropa shocking, de colores, si habláramos de términos gal sería definitivamente haady gal o algo rozando lo rokku/amekaji.

(y si llegara a vestir de negro definitivamente NO es por esconder absolutamente nada, sino porque me gusta el color/ropa de ese color)

Ahora bien... ¿Quién dictamina que una, por ser gorda, no merece usar COLORES?
O vestir con ropas ajustadas?
O vestir la silueta que más le guste o que nos haga felices?

La respuesta es simple: a veces la gente, que suele ser bastante forra el 99% del tiempo; a veces, una misma, y es una cagada eso.

Con este post quiero REAFIRMAR lo que pienso al respecto, que es que cualquiera es libre de vestirse con lo que le haga feliz al 100%, y pienso llevarlo a cabo todo el tiempo que pueda, hasta llegar al punto de sentirme cómoda con mi ropa en -cualesquiera que sea- mi estadío corporal.
O sea, sí, les sorprenderá a los haters, pero estoy 100% in love with myself, con la manera en que me veo, y *NI TE CUENTO* con la manera en que me siento con coords divinos que me gustan y me hacen sentir feliz.

Esto viene a colación del hate que recibí por mi coord en la primer meet de Rock Me Japan, allá por marzo 2015, casualmente es uno de los coords que más me gustó de los últimos tiempos y al que MÁS EMPEÑO le puse. De hecho, siento que fue un coord bisagra para mí, un punto de inflexión, ya que a partir de allí comencé a vestirme definitivamente diferente y queriendo despegar de lo normcore.



❤Hair makeover (I never posted!!!) + new domain! ^.~❤

Update your bookmarks because now My Selfish Romance! is
Yayyyy finally I stopped being lazy and got it done x)

Regarding my new hairstyle, I kinda forgot I had a blog and went on holidays XD so I have NEVER ever posted any of these photos here (but I have in tumblr, so meh). Last December I got sick of my messy strawberry blonde color so I went to a nice hairdresser in Palermo to get my hair done~

You may not remember how it was so I'll post a before-after picture to compare both hair colors :3

I got done an "ombré" or something like that, like a gradient :) also got a haircut and I like my new hair (even if I find it to be a little darker for my tastes), but I received so much compliments XD and my boyfriend it's like the number one fan xD

Now it's been almost 2 months since I dyed and went to the beach so obviously the color has washed away a little and I'm back to blonde XD

Anyways while I still had this dark color I took a lot of pictures practicing gyaru makeup <3

You may have seen me all over gyaru secrets with this one :3 I like it A LOT, sorry haters~

And for those who say that "If you never post a coordinate you're a bathroom gyaru", well, here's a coord for you (?)

I was trying on a dress for an upcoming wedding party~ 
and practising a bit with eyeshadows from my tokidoki palette =D

Well, that's all for now. <3
I need to get a few photos to write an entry about meeting Tobi last Friday ^___^
See ya! xo


Join "Gyaru Meet Up Buenos Aires, Argentina" + Bathroom gyaru?? WTF? XD

I know I said one of my goals for this year was not to be an inconsistent blogger but I'm already failing xD
I only have like half February left and I haven't  posted a single thing despite having lot of entries drafted and scheduled, oh well...

It seems that people in this gyaru comm are such hypocrites so they can't really deal with the fact that someone is being really honest about it. And yes, that would be me and that's why I ended all over gyaru_secrets with captions like "gtfo fugly" or something like that, hahahahaahah. There's also people in disguise on my facebook who screencaps my comments and send them over to latin gyaru secrets, I mean, really dudette, REALLY? XD

Well anyways this entry wasn't planned to talk about g_s and such... I meant to talk about some "new" rules western gyaru have, especially Latin gals who are a bit more clueless than any beginning western gyaru out there.

First of all, there's this Facebook group called GAL TV, run by the same girls from Gyaru America Latina TV, a youtube channel about latin gyaru. Overall, the group is great, you ask for advice and concrit and you get it and such, with no cattiness. But something that really bothers me is the fact this girls have imposed this kind of rule that "you're not a real gyaru if you don't go out in full gyaru everyday and have photos with your family, pets, friends and boyfriend/girlfriend in gyaru because that way we believe you're not a wannabe and that your parents know you're gyaru, otherwise, even if you are, YOU'RE NOT". Okay I mean.... WTF? XD

I don't know why but I was instantly reminded of this scene in Daria XDDDD lol
Then we're being accused of "being lazy" because we don't go out with friends and such... Sadly there's a thing this girls find hardly to understand: For me, this is Argentina. For other girls, they live in Southamerican countries worse than mine. It's not THAT easy like it's for you in the States or Europe. :) So they're calling as "bathroom gyaru" because we don't even step out of our toilets in gyaru make up and coords, according to them. Yeah, it's like you can come to my house and really confirm if I am a toilet gal or not, right??????
Besides, my bf nor sister nor mom like to be posted on the internet in a daily basis. I'm cool with that but they are not, why do I have to explain that to you? Are you the Grand Inquisitor of gyaru??

Lookie I'm the toilet, you can really see I'm not a real gyaru... WTF, not even wearing gyaru make up here XD
Tobi, a former gyaru-o who is now living in Buenos Aires made me realize the tremendous amount of effort of being gyaru while in a Third World country. I think you all are aware of the problematic issues here, like the Dollar ban, I'm gonna take you all for erudite women who are capable of reading anything besides gyaru blogs and since you go out in full gyaru every day I take that you read the paper. :D As I was talking to Tobi he was surprised that here you couldn't find a single brown eyeshadow for contouring that isn't shiny or something, or a good lighter brown eyebrow pencil~

I think it's time for a few of this girls to step on our shoes. Because there isn't such real "struggling" as a latin gyaru living on the USA and having all served in a silver plate around the corner in the nearest Sephora.
And FYI, in Spanish language usage the first thing we all learn is that the plural of any noun has to have an "s" attached to the back. So yeah, that's "gyaruS latinaS" for you, because it's a real grammatical rule of this language and I'm sick of hearing it being corrected to "gyaru" (with no plural) because that may work for English, but not for Spanish or even Portuguese. They also say "gyarus" because that's the way these languages works.

Oh, and just in case, I don't believe gyaru is a lifestyle nowadays. To me it's only a fashion style, such as lolita, harajuku-kei, visual kei or idk... Pastel Goth. There's no such thing as "gyaru lifestyle" and if you believe that, I'm so sorry for bursting your fantasy bubble XDDDDDD

If I don't write about this I couldn't keep on blogging so here I am. I don't even really care if this gets me posted again in wank comms. :D Oh and didn't even spell checked so you'll have more to laugh about :3

Pero si sos de Argentina y te gusta el gyaru, unite a nuestro grupo de Facebook donde hacemos reuniones~ Con gente real y toda la bola! :3 (y no se cancelan por mogoliqueadas :P)

Click to check out "Gyaru Meet Up Buenos Aires, Argentina"  ♥
See you soon! xo


❤ first MA*RS onepiece ❤ + HATERS gonna HATE~

Ughhh... It's been almost a month since I blogged for the last time!
How are you, girls? (≧∇≦)キャー♪
I've been so busy, working a lot for doing more shopping, hahahah :D

I finally bought a MA*RS onepiece, yay!
This is my first onepiece and I LOVE IT!
I'll show you photos modeling it next time =D

I also bought a nice pair of buckle belt boots, a frilly skirt and a golden chain belt with rhinestones, so beautiful! :3

On another note...
I'm sick of  people (mostly anons) judging love as a matter of gender. It isn't.
Gay or straight... Stop with the bullshit plz. I mean it.
I think if the one I love is a 'he' or a 'she' is none of your business~
So, I won't answer a question about that never again.
Haters gonna hate, but I don't care.

Well, next time I'll show you some photos + 05/29 gyaru meeting!
It'll be so much fun ^^ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ・‥…━━━★ ピキューン!

See ya! (●^□^●)