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#TBT: BAFWEEK 2015, parte 2: Outfits!

Bueno, hace rato tenía ganas de escribir sobre lo que fue el BAFWEEK al que fui el año pasado, ya había hecho un post pero en este me quería centrar en los outfits que usamos con mi amiga Cym (@hhhospitalforsouls en instagram, por si la quieren seguir... tiene uno de los themes más perfectos que conozco 💜💜💜).

Yo no suelo ir nunca a estos eventos por mi propia política de "seguro son una mierda" y me pareció interesante darle una segunda oportunidad para ver si era tan así como decía.
Al final resulta que NO ME EQUIVOQUÉ XD, me cabe por no seguir mi intuición...

Para más info, lean el post anterior de Como prender fuego a las bloggers parte 1 (click en el link) para entender a lo que me refiero. Anyways, por un motivo u otro no tenía tiempo para sentarme y escribir así que lol acá está, después de como 1 año :D


Tsuki's Nights Out: Trixie (Palermo)

Post de no sé cuándo, creo que enero de este año? xD Quería hacer una reseña de Trixie hace rato, en esta ocasión le toca a la sucursal de Palermo. :D

Trixie es un restaurant/bar ambientado con la onda "American Diner", como si fuera sacado de los años '50. Es distinto al "típico" bar así que si van ahí, tienen que saber que lo que van a encontrar en el menú son super hamburguesas, waffles con crema y cerezas, y sobre todo, muchos milkshakes (o "malteadas" en Español).

Nosotras, las gals, tenemos experiencias raras, sobre todo con mi amiga Aoko (Adri), en lo que a Trixie se refiere, gracias a una salida gyaru bastante fallida que se hizo hace unos años, que nos quedamos con toda la vena, ya que las muy genias la dejaron plantada en la sucursal de Trixie que está por Costanera Norte, un día que yo estaba enferma y no pude ir.
Así que bueno, no fuimos con muchas expectativas de que algo genial sucediera (?) XD.


Meeting Tobi (The Little Princling) in Buenos Aires!!

Sorry I forgot to post about this once more XD. Life kind of got in the way...

Anyways, Blogger has been behaving weirdly so I don't know how to draft anymore entries if it isn't gonna save any titles! O_o then I don't remember what did I write and bleh -.- I don't wanna move my blog yet ;__;

Tobi had recently arrived to Buenos Aires so we thought we could show him some cute tourist spots, he wanted to visit the Botanical Garden at the heart of Buenos Aires, in Palermo neighborhood so we met up there. I showed up late because of some paperwork I had to do regarding my former college (to have a few subjects marked as passed in my new college) so when I arrived they we're kind of done with the park xD (If you may please check out Tobi's cool photos about it in his blog!).
We chatted a little and decided to go to Alto Palermo Shopping Mall because we were dying from the heat outdoors and in that place they had air conditioner xD Gosh, at the beginning my spoken English skills were pretty rusty~~~

While skimming through the pages of JK Egg we got orange and peach smoothies and talked about lots of things in Mc Café, kind of a cheap place which I love for grabbing smoothies at reasonable prices here =D (I love Havanna or Café Martinez but I find it expensive! T.T). Hahaha, certainly being a gyaru here is kind of expensive and you can't even find a decent matte contouring palette ¬¬ (oh hell yeah, I love my country xD lol *insert sarcasm sign here*)

Then we went to an icecream parlor called Freddo to get some alfajor icecream (or better put: some alfajores filled with icecream *w* <3) to eat in a great park near Recoleta Cemetery!!! I really loved that place which I didn't know until that day~ Tobi showed it to me and not the other way around, what kind of Buenos Aires resident am I??? Really XDDDDDD

Don't mind my coord and make up, I was in a rush and had no time to do proper gal make up for a meet up ><

 So happy to finally meet him!!! ^-^
" Bitch plz" face :D
Last but not least: to the haters! effff yaaaa ^-^

Well, that's all~~  I'm currently waiting for Tobi to be back in the city so we can hang out more *o* and do some gal related activities or just dance to the sound of Bandana, 2NE1, Marina and the Diamonds and eat alfajores! <3

See you around!


Fandom Night ~ Edición Fiesta del fin del mundo!!! :D

Dec 21st we celebrated another Fandom Night edition! 
This is a night party event thrown bimonthly by friends~ :D

Me ready to partyyyyy~~!! ;D

Very lazy outfit <3

In my shift I had to paint people :3 first time as n army girl but I didn't had my suit! D: hahah

Aaaanyways, I had so much fun as always :D

Si a alguien de Argentina le interesa, la Fandom Night se hace cada tanto los viernes en Sick Club (Alsina 921, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) :D

Nos vemos pronto! :3

PD: Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとう~~ ♥


☆、Animefriends/Fandom Night/Divas J-pop~ salidas varias `★

Ya sé que extrañan mi cara por acá así que~~ compilado de distintas fotos que tengo por ahí 8D
Antes de salir a encontrarme con Mer para ir al Animefriends a ver a JAM Project Masami Okui :D
Engripadísima, pero salí igual :P era ahora o nunca ese recital, con todo lo que implica para mí ir a un evento choto de estos de anime xD

Miss meeee, I know you miss meeeee... (?) Ok no, but anyways, here's a dump of photos I have unposted here 8D, before going to JAM Project Masami Okui's gig :D I was very sick at that moment but it was now or never, I don't usually enjoy going to anime cons anymore xD

Estuve probando el nuevo delineador de Mary Kay que me regalaron al hacerme la limpieza de cutis, muy bueno, es hipoalergénico y al menos me pinta adentro del ojo, no como otros más berreta~ (y no soy muy fan de pintarme afuera del ojo, ya tengo ojos muuuuuuuuuuuy grandes :P). 
Muy buena onda la agente de Mary Kay! ^_^ Aparte los productos para el tratamiento de limpieza diaria del cutis parecen muy grosos, habrá que pensarlo :3

New Mary Kay eyeliner, it was a gift from a Mary Kay agent for being on a free facial spa or something like that. Very high quality, hypoallergenic and perfect for achieving the look I wanted ^^

Eyemake probando el delineador~~ Como siempre me olvidé de contornearme la nariz... XD
Muchísimo menos recargado que el make up gyaru~

Bastante cara de pelotuda, pero me la soba XDD
Silly face but I don't care, otherwise I wouldn't be posting this XDD

Cara de constipada para un desfile al que me invitaron que fue bastante una mierda XD ya haré algún post bien difamatorio sobre eso... Traté de ir con una especia de d.i.a style :D

With friends <3

 Twins! XDDDD

Fandom Night! Una masa, canté el opening de Evangelion en pedo y me gané un paquete de galletitas Toddy JAJAJAJAJAJAJA. Anda por ahí el video dando vueltas, no sé donde joraca, sino lo pondría :P Aviso que igual hubiera cantado estando sobria! XD

Attending a night con called Fandom Night! Awesome party, they were giving out big Toddy cookies packages if you sang some random anime opening song... They asked me to sing "Zankoku na tenshi no teeze" (Evangelion op) and I did and yay, got my price XD. There's a video of me singing it on stage, I don't know where it is, it was quite funny because I  was sooooo drunk everyone was drunk (?) :P

Tengo miles de fotos para seguir posteando, pero no quiero poner 345943954035 a la vez!
I have lots of photos yet unposted, I don't wanna dump all in a post so yeah!
See you next time!



March 3rd: My B-day ~ タンオメ! 8D

A few weeks ago on March 3rd was my Birthday~ :D
I started the day with a dinner at my grandma's with my family + boyfriend~

Then I decided to have a nice chat with my girls so we went to a super cute café called Pani.

We first had a little table but more people kept coming and we later changed to a bigger one :3

My "daughter" Ake & her girlfriend Sasha x3

Haciendo el tonto (?) xD


More silly me x)
My best girls <3

It was a very great day! I also received a lot of gifts ^^ xD

Thank you girls for coming :3

Then at night we went out with le boyfriend ♥ to eat Japanese food~
Anyways, that's for another entry~!
See you soon ^^


I'm hopeless!

... with this friggin' blog~ XD I haven't post anything since Xmas and it's been a month now. orz orz
Also I haven't been taking any photos, so there's nothing really new to post here, I was like "what I'm gonna write about?"  lol. If you have any ideas of something you wanna see here, please share! : )


I went to the Chinese New Year celebration a week ago with friends & sis, so much fun~
Pics are not the best because I was having a really good time there and didn't care much about outfit, make up, hair or silly faces~~ :3  Sorry! XD

With best friend Silvi ♥ Bag is the one from my wishlist, from 夢展望
Wizzzz sis :3

LOL @ this maneki neko man xD
Me & BFF :3
Sis & best friend being cute :3
HAHAHA, Silvi's gets :3
With our friend Sebas ( ^▽^)

Forgot to take a lots of pictures of what we ate.
I had some delicioooooooooooous nikuman I love ♥ and bubble tea, of course :3
 The place was REALLY packed!

A cute leopard pouch with mirror that Silvi got for me! ToT I loved it, thanks! ☆ ;_;

I don't like to brag about gets, that's why I didn't write an entry regarding x-mas gifts and gets. :(
But if you really wanna see, I'll make one; it's just that my gets are nothing particularly GREAT like other bloggers ^^; and I don't really feel like camwhoring because of my extensions right now... I'm having a few hair issues XD I need a makeover so bad. Anyways... Thanks for reading & following aaaand, if anyone is still there, commenting too :3