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Gifts from the States & Easter! (yep again belated XD)

My cousin and her husband recently travelled to the US and look what they got for me~~ :)

Harry Potter... :O

Yeah! Triwizard Tournament Goblet~  So cool! 
Now I NEED to go to that Harry Potter themed park in Orlando!! >_<

It has light ^^ 
Next time I swear I'm going with them!! e_e
They've already told me to start saving RIGHT NOW!! lol
So no more haul gets from Japan for Tsuki-chan~  ;___;
(I still have one haul post coming!)

Victoria's Secret goods ^^

They told me about lots of cheap stuff you can got there... Now I'm stuck with that idea on my head, I want to go to the States!!! ;___; I will leave my job and will get a better one instead in order to do it *o*
My cousin's husband is also getting tattooed in Tijuana, México, and since I've got friends there I wanna go too~~ So I can meet my fellow gals from Tj like Nazz :3 and maybe go to San Diego to meet Ninoshka! *-*
I really wanna meet gals I adore face to face! ^-^

So yeah, that's my goal for now. Later I plan on going to Europe to meet my relatives from Italy and meet more gal pals in Spain~ 

Oh, I wish I could travel all over the world and meet other overseas gals! *O*
One can dream... ;P

Some Easter eggs I ate :3
These are from my boyfriend and the one in the cute art nouveau can was sent by my boyfriend's family, from Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina =) He has the BEST relatives ever ^____^  They are so kind, always asking about me, sending me little gifts and chocolate boxes. *-* 
Bariloche is a city with lots of mountains, snow, nature and lakes. It's kinda lame to describe it, but it is awesome, you just google it... Bosque de arrayanes, cerro catedral and the circuits~~ :)
Also it has the best chocolate factories of the country :D I think that thanks to his family I've already tasted all kinds of chocolate ^^ from almost all these factories xDDDD

Eating some serious rosca de pascua! Delicious :)

Well, that's all for now. I've run out of topics to talk here! xD
See you~ :3


March 3rd: My B-day ~ タンオメ! 8D

A few weeks ago on March 3rd was my Birthday~ :D
I started the day with a dinner at my grandma's with my family + boyfriend~

Then I decided to have a nice chat with my girls so we went to a super cute café called Pani.

I even got there very late ;__; Sorry Apria! T.T

She kindly took a few photos for us~ ♥

We first had a little table but more people kept coming and we later changed to a bigger one :3

Sis, Silvi & Apria 
My "daughter" Ake & her girlfriend Sasha x3

Haciendo el tonto (?) xD


More silly me x)
My best girls <3

It was a very great day! I also received a lot of gifts ^^ xD

Thank you girls for coming :3

Then at night we went out with le boyfriend ♥ to eat Japanese food~
Anyways, that's for another entry~!
See you soon ^^