Black Milk Clothing purple galaxy leggings review~

Here at last they are!!!
Galaxy Purple print leggings <3

As I said before, I needed to do a review of my BlackMilk experience, which was a bit chaotic...
It's been months since I have drafted this but I never posted it~~ 

It all started with my boyfriend who felt instantly in love with galaxy print anything (and body con clothes, of course xD). He told me to choose one from the site and we agreed on the Galaxy Purple leggings in L. There was "free shipping November" so we didn't even bother to check out which shipping method they had (VERY wrong!). They sent us a tracking number from FedEx, that's when we started to worry XD.
Package arrived in about 5 business days, very fast, but the thing is... WE HAD TO PAY A SH*TLOAD of  customs random taxes D: more than FedEx taxes, even when it was FREE SHIPPING. And YEP, their taxes go up to $70 or more. D: And there's more: taxes are costlier than the leggings itself!! D: (more DDDDDDDDD:).

Quality of course is great, sizes are VERY accurate (don't hesitate to measure yourself before purchasing) and blahblah but GOD, at least they should've asked what shipping method we preferred! I know for a fact they also ship by Australian Post registered mail with tracking number for a lot less but they claim they don't ship with this method because it's very insecure and packages could get lost and blah blah blah.

So, we talked to somebody from Hot Little Bosses (their customer support) and told them if we could return this FedEx package and then have it resend by Australian Post. They first told us that it couldn't be possible due to FedEx destroying unclaimed packages (!) and then, "yes, you could return it but you need to pay the return shipping and new shipping via registered mail". -_______- Finally we fed up and ended paying the obnoxious taxes... Thanks to this burden I think I won't be having any more gifts from my boyfriend, lollll. -.-

It's a shame and I read in Black Milk Clothing's Facebook page this happens A LOT, not only in Argentina or Brazil, but all over the world (excluding Australia of course, lol). :/
I really love their clothes but if this isn't gonna change anytime soon I'll buy more things from Romwe instead! I know a lot of fellow bloggers are against Romwe because of the rip offs and taobao, but to me they're like the cheapest alternative I have, because I can't afford to be charged again with customs taxes when I buy clothing! Plus they also have galaxy print anything, dresses, scarfs, leggings, skirts, bodycon clothing, etc... They even had a flash sale with print leggings for about $17.99 and it was amazing. Obviously the quality is nowhere near Black Milk Clothing but well... Somehow I have to manage, living in a Third World country, I need fashionable AND affordable clothes! :P

No make up face, that's why I put hearts in outfits pics hahaha.
Hope my review is useful for anyone out there ><


お誕生日おめでとう~❤ v.2013

...léase mi cumple, versión 2013!! :)
Organicé una fiestita en mi casa el sábado 2 de marzo a la noche, un día antes de mi cumple real (3 de marzo) así podía festejar desde las 00hs con mis amigos! :D
No fue super fancy pero weno, nos divertimos muchísimo, hubo mucho chupi que incluso sobró xDDDDDDDD Mis viejos se encargaron de hacer hamburguesas, panchos y choripanes~ (hamburguesas de soja para los vegetarianos también!)
Sobró mucha comida, hielo en escamas, pulpa de fruta para tragos... Pero lo mejor fue el proyector que alquilamos para ver videos y boludeces. LO TENGO QUE REPETIRRRR algún día o comprarme un proyector ASAP!!!
...a.k.a my birthday, 2013 edition!! :)
I arranged a party on my house at night on March 2nd, one day before my actual birthday (March 3rd) so I could be with my friends in the very first moment of my bday!! :)
It wasn't so fancy but I had so much fun (and alcohol)!! :D Also my parents made a BBQ for us~
I'll just dump a lot of pictures because we had a great time ^_________^
Eventually I'll rent a projector again or I'll buy one ASAP, we need to do this again!! 

My hair had just died xD omg I look so drunk! 

Great party! I already miss my friends ;__; I need to organize a party ASAP!!



OMG, loved this collection too and the fact Sakurina is in it~~ *o* I'd gladly buy everything if I had money to spare... <3