I never did these kind of entries before but I think it's great as a note-to-self post for once in a while. :D
I don't think I could do those "2012 in a nutshell" posts because even though it's been a great year, it kinda lacked of photos :/ hahaha. Maybe next time!

So here it is, my list of resolutions for this year, 2013~

* Eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less meat and processed foods.
* Follow a proper sleeping schedule (most important one!)
* N2?? xD
* Study another foreign language than Japanese. (I'm thinking Portuguese or maybe something like Swedish ❤)
* Keep working out @ gym (all year!)
* Be a better gyaru
* Improve my gal closet with more MA*RS, JSG, Glad News, Fernopaa, d.i.a, etc
* Improve my wardrobe, esp with basic clothes cuz I have very few daily clothes for work, school, etc.
* Meet more gal people in my area (Buenos Aires) ^^
* Convert my sister to full time gyaru!
* Be a better and constant fashion blogger
* Start my new secret project XD

And that's all ^^ I think it's a lot to accomplish in one year xD
On another note, Google blocked my blog for a few hours because of malicious content from the Fashion Salade site, WTF?
I asked for support on Google forums and they told me it's because I had "Le happy" (Lua's blog) on my blogroll, so I had to delete her link to get my blog back. :/ I think she got hacked, well, her hosting got DDoS'ed or something like that. From what I could read in forums there were a lots of fashion blogs affected by this automatic "false positive"  malicious site alert, such a shame... I heard this can also happen from some fishy gadgets/widgets for blogs so be careful!! If it ever happens to you don't hesitate to ask on Google/Blogger support forums!

Well, that's all for now! xox

PD: Cambiar la descripción pedorra del profile, que no sé que poner y por eso dejo esa, hahaha.