Matinee EMO My Chemical Romance outfit~~


 Estoy actualizando seguido porque no quiero estudiar ni hacer tarea, hahahaha.
Super faiiiiiiil mis actualizaciones, I know, pero bueno, no importa, después se quejan de que no pongo nada, así que skfksdf whatever :D

I'm up to date with the blog posts because I need to get distracted from my homework and studies~ XDD
Hyper fail, I know, but who cares... At least I'm updating with something, so yeah, whatever :D

El sábado había una matinee/cosa rara para pendejos JAJAJA de My Chem y bueno, es My Chem, decidí ir porque hacía rato que no la frikeaba tanto, short and simple xD de ahí a que todo el outfit sea NEGRO(?)

Allá me encontré con Haru y Chel y nos cagamos de risa hablando de... Un montón de cosas que no me había enterado LOOOOOOOOOL tanto material para reirse ajaajjajaja. Espero volver a verlas pronto!  ♥

Last saturday there was some kind of special matinee featuring My Chemical Romance and I'm a super fan, so I HAD to be there. ♥

Haciendo más pelotudeces antes de salir xD
Being silly before going out! xD
Y por si a alguien le interesa... hahah
In case you're interested, ahahah

T-shirt, sweater, belt: random
Skirt: tutuha
Hairband: Todo Moda
Tights: ebay
Shoes: JC lita dupes

 Eyemake :D lol no se fijen igual en las cejas que estaban re bleh...
Eyemake, don't look at my eyebrows, they suck D:

Bueno, por ahora eso es todo~~ Cya~~ :3


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In love with Pastel Goth ★ Picspam!

I am aware maybe you already know the style, but I fell in love recently and wanted to show you my favourite inspiration pics  ♥ I love the mix between cute and creepy stuff~~~~
It reminds me a lot of the latest Audrey Kitching style :) Back then, I hated it, but somehow I've got used to it and now I want all things pastel and creepy!!
More under the cut so I don't spam your blogger homepage xD;