A few gets from my wishlist *O*

Weeks ago I received my package from Treasure Japan :) Great service ^^
I asked them to buy for me a few things I'm gonna show you now~

The halter top came with this nice paper bag I already love~ I love collecting brand bags ^^

Sorry, shitty quality from crappy cellphone as well! :(
I need to do something with my hair and extensions, men. Some kind of gradient on them, y'know?
Also I need a new permanent hair straightening (don't know if that's how it's called in English tho XD), but this time I want a definitive one, because these past I had done in my hair only lasted 3 ~ 6 months. I wanna try straight hair styles because i'm so tired of curls! -__- And I want my hair to match with the extensions! (ノ´Д`)ノ

And last, 2 things I asked my gal friend Miu to buy for me in Japan:

I haven't tried them yet~ Here is so hot for wearing heavy gal make up... Almost 40ºC?! D: I'm gonna die from the heat :( A/C are sucking all the ermmm... electric tension? and some electronics won't work, like microwave, fans... -_-

I don't really wanna go out in this weather! XD Have I said it already? It's EXTREMELY HOT!! u.u
I love summer but this is too much. Why this planet is torturing us with extreme temperatures?

Anyways.... See ya~!