I'm hopeless!

... with this friggin' blog~ XD I haven't post anything since Xmas and it's been a month now. orz orz
Also I haven't been taking any photos, so there's nothing really new to post here, I was like "what I'm gonna write about?"  lol. If you have any ideas of something you wanna see here, please share! : )


I went to the Chinese New Year celebration a week ago with friends & sis, so much fun~
Pics are not the best because I was having a really good time there and didn't care much about outfit, make up, hair or silly faces~~ :3  Sorry! XD

With best friend Silvi ♥ Bag is the one from my wishlist, from 夢展望
Wizzzz sis :3

LOL @ this maneki neko man xD
Me & BFF :3
Sis & best friend being cute :3
HAHAHA, Silvi's gets :3
With our friend Sebas ( ^▽^)

Forgot to take a lots of pictures of what we ate.
I had some delicioooooooooooous nikuman I love ♥ and bubble tea, of course :3
 The place was REALLY packed!

A cute leopard pouch with mirror that Silvi got for me! ToT I loved it, thanks! ☆ ;_;

I don't like to brag about gets, that's why I didn't write an entry regarding x-mas gifts and gets. :(
But if you really wanna see, I'll make one; it's just that my gets are nothing particularly GREAT like other bloggers ^^; and I don't really feel like camwhoring because of my extensions right now... I'm having a few hair issues XD I need a makeover so bad. Anyways... Thanks for reading & following aaaand, if anyone is still there, commenting too :3