tutuha x stella x yumetenbo x random gets haul!

Since February I've been buying a few gal clothes and I've never blogged about it due to several reasons...
My Shopping Service staff were so slow (but I won't make a bad review about it, in fact I don't wanna write about it at all xD) or my package was stopped by customs (and I wasn't contacted), returned packages, unexpected expensive shipping costs (I had to wait till I got more money and put the items on hold with the SS), bribes from the post mail, and so, but anyways... They are finally here! :)

I've used different shopping services so now I've got more idea of what to expect with some of them (cheap commission fee but EMS only; LOTS of commission fee and "oh I have no idea how to ship with Registered Air Mail or small package -bullsh*t-, please use EMS!" (no fuckin' way).

Unfortunately, my favorite shopping service at that time wasn't available (Treasure Japan, they were moving, so they stopped taking orders and began moving servers) so I had to buy my clothes with other SS ;_;~

Well anyways, this is what I bought~

Just opened! :O

tutuha skirt  in black x black *my new all-time favorite!*
I got it brand new, I didn't mind buying it used but it was the only one available!!
(it was expensive than used... T_T XDDD)

tutuha babydoll in pink (it's more of a fuchsia in real life, although it looks kinda salmon-pink in photos)

 Stella t-shirt (sorry for the shitty quality photo, I'm the worst ph ever and you know it!)

Back details~

Stella misebra *it FITS!! I can't believe it XD*

Stella belt, I love iiiiiiit!!! Well, I loved ALL their belts, so awesome~

Diable Baiser dress~ (I don't like the fabric~ :/ looks cheap)

Linosug furry coat (this was a gift from my mom :3)
Worst photo ever, tho D: gomenne, the coat is really nice in real life!

I also got some random tights from yumetenbo too, you can't never have enough tights!

Sincerely, I was surprised when all the sizes fitted okay ^^ It's my first time buying clothes from yumetenbo/stella, although I have bought from them before it was only shoes and bags and you can't go wrong xD

Other random gets~ xD

Foooood <3 I've already eaten all of this, old photo xD

Cool nail polishes, the black one is crackling nail polish *-*

An ex friend gave me scarf this when I celebrated my birthday in Pani =)
Thank you so much, I really love the print!!! *u*

I owe you some photos modelling my new gets, I've had a really bad day and I don't feel like dolling it up.
In fact, since I've started school again this year I don't really feel like putting falsies to go to my courses. :/
It feels a little bit awkward because I'd like to wear more gyaru daily but I'm just afraid I will stain my clothes with paint while doing some assignment... -_- It's just difficult nowadays to find a balance between the two. I may go out with a few gal friends in the few weeks so I guess I'll doll up for once and take lots of photos... =P

Anyways, as I said earlier, today was a very bad day and tomorrow will be better I think ^^
And I will feel better and will write nicer stuff, I sound so depressed now XD wtf

Wow! First time in a while that I'm writing some personal stuff... Well, don't get too used to it :P hahaha.


Gifts from the States & Easter! (yep again belated XD)

My cousin and her husband recently travelled to the US and look what they got for me~~ :)

Harry Potter... :O

Yeah! Triwizard Tournament Goblet~  So cool! 
Now I NEED to go to that Harry Potter themed park in Orlando!! >_<

It has light ^^ 
Next time I swear I'm going with them!! e_e
They've already told me to start saving RIGHT NOW!! lol
So no more haul gets from Japan for Tsuki-chan~  ;___;
(I still have one haul post coming!)

Victoria's Secret goods ^^

They told me about lots of cheap stuff you can got there... Now I'm stuck with that idea on my head, I want to go to the States!!! ;___; I will leave my job and will get a better one instead in order to do it *o*
My cousin's husband is also getting tattooed in Tijuana, México, and since I've got friends there I wanna go too~~ So I can meet my fellow gals from Tj like Nazz :3 and maybe go to San Diego to meet Ninoshka! *-*
I really wanna meet gals I adore face to face! ^-^

So yeah, that's my goal for now. Later I plan on going to Europe to meet my relatives from Italy and meet more gal pals in Spain~ 

Oh, I wish I could travel all over the world and meet other overseas gals! *O*
One can dream... ;P

Some Easter eggs I ate :3
These are from my boyfriend and the one in the cute art nouveau can was sent by my boyfriend's family, from Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina =) He has the BEST relatives ever ^____^  They are so kind, always asking about me, sending me little gifts and chocolate boxes. *-* 
Bariloche is a city with lots of mountains, snow, nature and lakes. It's kinda lame to describe it, but it is awesome, you just google it... Bosque de arrayanes, cerro catedral and the circuits~~ :)
Also it has the best chocolate factories of the country :D I think that thanks to his family I've already tasted all kinds of chocolate ^^ from almost all these factories xDDDD

Eating some serious rosca de pascua! Delicious :)

Well, that's all for now. I've run out of topics to talk here! xD
See you~ :3


March 3rd: My B-day ~ タンオメ! 8D

A few weeks ago on March 3rd was my Birthday~ :D
I started the day with a dinner at my grandma's with my family + boyfriend~

Then I decided to have a nice chat with my girls so we went to a super cute café called Pani.

I even got there very late ;__; Sorry Apria! T.T

She kindly took a few photos for us~ ♥

We first had a little table but more people kept coming and we later changed to a bigger one :3

Sis, Silvi & Apria 
My "daughter" Ake & her girlfriend Sasha x3

Haciendo el tonto (?) xD


More silly me x)
My best girls <3

It was a very great day! I also received a lot of gifts ^^ xD

Thank you girls for coming :3

Then at night we went out with le boyfriend ♥ to eat Japanese food~
Anyways, that's for another entry~!
See you soon ^^


★★More about me (triple tag! XD)★★

I've been tagged by Aoko, Chaudie and Natt!! I have a lot of questions to answer hahahaha

→ You must post these rules.
→ Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
→ Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
→ You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.

11 Things about me:
01. Same as Aoko, I have never had cavities. XD

02. I love animals and I cry a lot when I can't help bruised dogs or cats. Or when I see photos of rescued animals posted on Facebook. Seriously. I can't stop crying. Pets are such unconditional creatures, they bring pure energy and love to your home... I don't understand why people leave them behind in random front doors, parks, abandoned/ruined buildings and such. People = shit, really.

03. I have arachnophobia due the movie with the same name XD and I have to admit I'm afraid of the dark, sometimes. 

04. I learned hiragana, katakana and a few words in Japanese at the age of 13. I've been in a Japanese institute since I was 16. I'm 23 now, I think that if I put effort I can understand most of the anime I watch, gal blogs, song meanings and manga. I'm not so fluent because I've never been in Japan yet, nor I have native Japanese or other fluent Japanese speaking friends, such a pity. -_-;

05. I don't like mayonnaise or mustard. I love ketchup, BBQ sauce, caesar sauce (without VINEGAR) and golf sauce? (I don't know how it's called in English XD). I also hate vinegar. :3

06. I spend all my money buying clothes, mostly online. Then I don't have a dime for going out with friends or fancy dinner at a restaurant - but I quite like it that way. Sorry people!!

07. Sometimes I really hate my parents. Most of the time I just hate my dad and can't stand him or be around him or we'll end up fighting.

08. In 2009, I was very uncertain of following gyaru style because I don't get money from my parents and I don't earn much. I work hard to buy things and takes me so much time I can barely "progress" on the style.

09. I love watching anime, reading manga, cosplay, karaoke and I have so much fun when doing one of those things. I'm currently watching Meitantei Conan (Detective Conan/Case Closed). I have lots of unfinished cosplays and yet unused wigs. That's why I gave up cosplay because the scene in Argentina is awful. Great cosplayers yet horrible people inside, no matter how detailed and expensive is your cosplay it does not make you a good person. ;D

10. I really hate parapara BUT I love some choreographies and songs. I think my hate started in 2007/2008, don't remember well... lol

11. I'm not an atheist, but I don't believe there is an almighty God. It's hard to explain, but God just IS. Inside of you, on your friends, on your enemies too. We're all part of this energy called "god", something like that. you don't have to be a good person to "ask" God to help you, there's no one up there. You just have to set your mind, energy on that. *please don't throw stones at me XD*

More behind the cut!


☆、。・:*:・゜、Vacaciones en Villa Gesell + compritas!! 。・:*:・゜`★

Hola chicas :D Acá volví yo con otra de mis entradas que tenía hace un rato largo en borradores y nunca la terminaba y la subía :P

A fines de febrero me fui de vacaciones con mi familia a la costa atlántica, a Villa Gesell, un lugar que me encanta por la playa :3 También terminamos haciendo algunas compritas y comiendo como unos obesos pero jajajajajaj por suerte no hay foto de eso xD

Censurada por varios motivos (?) XD Mi panza :3 y que a mi vieja no le gustan las fotos en internet XD

Esa es mi perrita Avril :3333 la amoo~~
Espiaba a la gente por abajo de la carpa, muy original (?

Gorda stalker xD

Un unicornio que había en el Paseo Avalon, así se llamaba, todo muy medieval :3
Ahora las cosas que anduve comprando...

Remera con un pug (carlino) que me encantó <33 amo a esos perritos XD
Vino con esta bolsa que al final me resultó re útil para la playa, porque me olvidé de llevar bolso playero JAJA (?)

Bikini nueva, obvio :O no era exactamente la que quería pero me gusta igual xD

Este vestido está colgado acá jajaja, fue regalo de mi novio por Navidad :3 pero nunca le saqué foto, así que aproveché este momento xDDDDDDD

Esto también, fue regalo de Navidad de mi hermana y nunca subí fotito :P

Las últimas cosas como verán son medio viejas pero bueno, nunca les había sacado fotos jajajajaja :D
Después subo fotos de mi cumple :3
Besotes y gracias por leerme otra vez!