❤ first MA*RS onepiece ❤ + HATERS gonna HATE~

Ughhh... It's been almost a month since I blogged for the last time!
How are you, girls? (≧∇≦)キャー♪
I've been so busy, working a lot for doing more shopping, hahahah :D

I finally bought a MA*RS onepiece, yay!
This is my first onepiece and I LOVE IT!
I'll show you photos modeling it next time =D

I also bought a nice pair of buckle belt boots, a frilly skirt and a golden chain belt with rhinestones, so beautiful! :3

On another note...
I'm sick of  people (mostly anons) judging love as a matter of gender. It isn't.
Gay or straight... Stop with the bullshit plz. I mean it.
I think if the one I love is a 'he' or a 'she' is none of your business~
So, I won't answer a question about that never again.
Haters gonna hate, but I don't care.

Well, next time I'll show you some photos + 05/29 gyaru meeting!
It'll be so much fun ^^ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ・‥…━━━★ ピキューン!

See ya! (●^□^●)


❤Presents from Japan! // 日本からお土産❤

Hey girls! How are you?I'm sorry I haven't been uploading anything...
My computer was broken, and took me a while since I could repair it...

Anyways, a lot has happened!
First of all, the Japan earthquake and tsunami... I think everyone is well aware of that incident.
It happens to be that my bf was living in Japan at that moment.
So, it was a pretty shitty moment u_u because I was so worried and scared... o(;△;)o エーン
As soon as he could he got a flight and came back to Argentina.

After that, I was so relieved...
He couldn't go to 渋谷109 but still got me a few lovely presents~ (≧∇≦)キャー♪ 

リラックマ overload ❤

Macadamia chocolates, which I loved so much!
And two boxes of "easy-eating" chocolate, hahah (didn't take a pic)

And my favorite one: JSG oversized sweater ❤

Sorry this came out so blurry... ;A; I need to take a better pic :3
I've been wanting this item for AGES and he got it for me ❤
Even when it was SOLD OUT
Thank  you, love~~ 

I took that pic before going to the mall with him ❤
It's read: "月とマティアスさん", our names ^ω^
  I think that's all, folks.
I'm pretty tired today... TGIF! hahaha
This is such an old entry... Anyways, I should go to bed now~


。・:*:・゚★,Current inspirations~~~♪,。・:*:・゚☆

This are just a few, the recent ones~ source is different tumblr accounts!
I have more, of course~
Clothes are from d.i.a, MA*RS and tutuHA, I think :3
I wanna write something about gyaru style in Spain, there are so many gyaru girls ^^

Check out this Kawaii TV video, featuring Sara Mari from Moments like diamonds (an American girl with a blog very worth reading, even if you don't like/do gyaru style) and an Argentinian gyaru too! *-* I can't believe it❤~


Cosas que tengo para decir y no le importan a nadie, part I

Mirando imágenes del BAF Week 2011, me siento en la necesidad de escribir sí o sí esto y sacármelo de adentro xD.
Sigo insistiendo que la moda argentina NO me gusta. No porque sea argentina y odie todo lo de mi país, nada más alejado de la realidad, sino porque se la pasan copiando modelos de afuera para tener algo "original" (qué contradicción, no?) y venden todo a unos precios exorbitantes.
Lo peor está ahí... VENDEN. Cómo?
Bueno, se ve que acá todas las boluditas compran y compran, claro, papi paga...
Pero las colecciones no son más que garchas a las cuales les dieron MUCHO bombo y nada más!

Salvo Complot, lo demás deja mucho que desear XD
y aún así, la calidad de mierda que tiene complot para las remeras no me gusta nada, porque la verdad, me cuesta juntar la guita para que después de un tiempo terminen donadas para Cáritas o en la basura esas remeras D: Pensar que las compro solo por el estampado...

Pero bueno, ya ni me gasto ^-^
Saldrá personal shopper desde Japón, y listo, que al menos en marcas como JSG, MA*RS, Golds Infinity y tutuHA SÍ da gusto gastar, y lo mejor: ninguna boludita blogger de acá las tiene :D

Hablando de eso... Actualicé la lista de las cosas que sigo, ya no me voy a gastar más en comentar a desconocidas que me ponen "te sigo" y no me siguen un carajo; gente que no tiene estilo, solo mucha guita XD. Ojalá puedas comprarte estilo con eso! :***

 This is the last time I will ever write in Spanish, I promise lol. I've seen a few visitors here from non-Spanish speaking countries as well so I think I'll translate old entries, just in case you wanna read them. I'm a little outta practice but I like English and languages so I think this is a great opportunity to improve my writing. :D

Here basically I was ranting about how bored and overrated Argentinian fashion is. So overrated AND super expensive, I don't know how everyone is buying things with such bad quality fabrics, and the like.
This past week was Buenos Aires Fashion Week so I've been looking forward to see photos, and it's such a bummer 'cause when I finally see something I like, sure it's expensive as HELL. So, nope, I'm not buying from those brands anymore.

I used to buy in Complot, but I had to throw away a few t-shirts I bought because of the print, very cheap quality~
I'm not a spoiled child. I don't have any money if I don't get it myself. For me, it's pretty difficult to save for clothes and accessories, so I've decided to save for things that are more worth, like some items from JSG, Golds Infinity or MA*RS (Japanese brands). They're expensive but at least I choose them, it's not like I don't have any other option~ and I really really like them. ❤~


Hair emergency!

Abusando de Puricute XD
Ok, sé que esto debería ir en twitter, facebook o algún otro lado pero...
Estoy pensando seriamente en salir corriendo a Once a comprarme un cacho de extensiones jajajajajaja ♥
igual antes de ponermelas quería hacerme el alisado definitivo, pero arghghhghg veremos.

Y cómo puede ser que no haya página web de tutuHa para comprar por internet? Meeeh ;__;

{ Entrada MUY sosa, a editar después ;-; perdón! }


。・:*:・゚♪☆Webcam picspam!(^∇^*)☆♪゚・:*:・。


Sí, no voy a negar que hay mucha influencia SNSD ahí... XD
Btw, anteojos nuevos ♡ 

{ Edit: Que conste que algunas me parece re pelotudas y las dejo solo porque a mi noviecín le ENCANTAN. Ése es mi disclaimer XD }