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❤Hair makeover (I never posted!!!) + new domain! ^.~❤

Update your bookmarks because now My Selfish Romance! is
Yayyyy finally I stopped being lazy and got it done x)

Regarding my new hairstyle, I kinda forgot I had a blog and went on holidays XD so I have NEVER ever posted any of these photos here (but I have in tumblr, so meh). Last December I got sick of my messy strawberry blonde color so I went to a nice hairdresser in Palermo to get my hair done~

You may not remember how it was so I'll post a before-after picture to compare both hair colors :3

I got done an "ombré" or something like that, like a gradient :) also got a haircut and I like my new hair (even if I find it to be a little darker for my tastes), but I received so much compliments XD and my boyfriend it's like the number one fan xD

Now it's been almost 2 months since I dyed and went to the beach so obviously the color has washed away a little and I'm back to blonde XD

Anyways while I still had this dark color I took a lot of pictures practicing gyaru makeup <3

You may have seen me all over gyaru secrets with this one :3 I like it A LOT, sorry haters~

And for those who say that "If you never post a coordinate you're a bathroom gyaru", well, here's a coord for you (?)

I was trying on a dress for an upcoming wedding party~ 
and practising a bit with eyeshadows from my tokidoki palette =D

Well, that's all for now. <3
I need to get a few photos to write an entry about meeting Tobi last Friday ^___^
See ya! xo


Join "Gyaru Meet Up Buenos Aires, Argentina" + Bathroom gyaru?? WTF? XD

I know I said one of my goals for this year was not to be an inconsistent blogger but I'm already failing xD
I only have like half February left and I haven't  posted a single thing despite having lot of entries drafted and scheduled, oh well...

It seems that people in this gyaru comm are such hypocrites so they can't really deal with the fact that someone is being really honest about it. And yes, that would be me and that's why I ended all over gyaru_secrets with captions like "gtfo fugly" or something like that, hahahahaahah. There's also people in disguise on my facebook who screencaps my comments and send them over to latin gyaru secrets, I mean, really dudette, REALLY? XD

Well anyways this entry wasn't planned to talk about g_s and such... I meant to talk about some "new" rules western gyaru have, especially Latin gals who are a bit more clueless than any beginning western gyaru out there.

First of all, there's this Facebook group called GAL TV, run by the same girls from Gyaru America Latina TV, a youtube channel about latin gyaru. Overall, the group is great, you ask for advice and concrit and you get it and such, with no cattiness. But something that really bothers me is the fact this girls have imposed this kind of rule that "you're not a real gyaru if you don't go out in full gyaru everyday and have photos with your family, pets, friends and boyfriend/girlfriend in gyaru because that way we believe you're not a wannabe and that your parents know you're gyaru, otherwise, even if you are, YOU'RE NOT". Okay I mean.... WTF? XD

I don't know why but I was instantly reminded of this scene in Daria XDDDD lol
Then we're being accused of "being lazy" because we don't go out with friends and such... Sadly there's a thing this girls find hardly to understand: For me, this is Argentina. For other girls, they live in Southamerican countries worse than mine. It's not THAT easy like it's for you in the States or Europe. :) So they're calling as "bathroom gyaru" because we don't even step out of our toilets in gyaru make up and coords, according to them. Yeah, it's like you can come to my house and really confirm if I am a toilet gal or not, right??????
Besides, my bf nor sister nor mom like to be posted on the internet in a daily basis. I'm cool with that but they are not, why do I have to explain that to you? Are you the Grand Inquisitor of gyaru??

Lookie I'm the toilet, you can really see I'm not a real gyaru... WTF, not even wearing gyaru make up here XD
Tobi, a former gyaru-o who is now living in Buenos Aires made me realize the tremendous amount of effort of being gyaru while in a Third World country. I think you all are aware of the problematic issues here, like the Dollar ban, I'm gonna take you all for erudite women who are capable of reading anything besides gyaru blogs and since you go out in full gyaru every day I take that you read the paper. :D As I was talking to Tobi he was surprised that here you couldn't find a single brown eyeshadow for contouring that isn't shiny or something, or a good lighter brown eyebrow pencil~

I think it's time for a few of this girls to step on our shoes. Because there isn't such real "struggling" as a latin gyaru living on the USA and having all served in a silver plate around the corner in the nearest Sephora.
And FYI, in Spanish language usage the first thing we all learn is that the plural of any noun has to have an "s" attached to the back. So yeah, that's "gyaruS latinaS" for you, because it's a real grammatical rule of this language and I'm sick of hearing it being corrected to "gyaru" (with no plural) because that may work for English, but not for Spanish or even Portuguese. They also say "gyarus" because that's the way these languages works.

Oh, and just in case, I don't believe gyaru is a lifestyle nowadays. To me it's only a fashion style, such as lolita, harajuku-kei, visual kei or idk... Pastel Goth. There's no such thing as "gyaru lifestyle" and if you believe that, I'm so sorry for bursting your fantasy bubble XDDDDDD

If I don't write about this I couldn't keep on blogging so here I am. I don't even really care if this gets me posted again in wank comms. :D Oh and didn't even spell checked so you'll have more to laugh about :3

Pero si sos de Argentina y te gusta el gyaru, unite a nuestro grupo de Facebook donde hacemos reuniones~ Con gente real y toda la bola! :3 (y no se cancelan por mogoliqueadas :P)

Click to check out "Gyaru Meet Up Buenos Aires, Argentina"  ♥
See you soon! xo


Tsuki COLLABS: InovaPC blogger + GAL VIP

Few months ago I was told to write an article on gyaru style for a site called InovaPC. Months later I'd become one of their staff at Fandom Night too! ^^ So hereby I bring you "An intro to GAL Style: get wild, be sexy! on Inovapc Community". Article is in Spanish, sorry! (I think there's quite a lot of English info available already)

You can read it here:

Get wild, be sexy! Introducción al estilo Gyaru

Antes de ser parte de Inova/Fandom, mi amigo Mer me propuso escribir un post sobre gyaru explicando los básicos del estilo y demás, a método de introducción para todos aquellos que no tenían idea de lo que trataba. Meses después empecé a ser parte del staff de Inova (que organiza la Fandom Night, evento del que ya hablé muchas veces!) y nunca había publicado el dichoso artículo aunque ya lo tenía escrito hace bastante. :P Les presento "Get wild, be sexy! Introducción al estilo Gyaru", para todos aquellos que me leen y se preguntan "¿por qué usa esas pestañas gigantes/feotas?", "gyaru??? WTF?" y demás. :D
Los invito a leerlo y sacarse todas las dudas si no tienen idea de qué se trata, y si ya saben, también me gustaría que lo lean y me digan qué opinan, no tengo las mejores skills para escribir pero, como ya me han comentado, no hay mucha información disponible en español así que me pareció una buena idea crosspostearlo acá también. ;)

Regarding GAL VIP, I was hired as a freelance graphic designer and I did a few pages for the Halloween issue, past October, which I liked very much. I kinda did them on a rush due to illness, I was with pneumonia at that moment (even was hospitalized) and it was very difficult for me to get up and be a long time working in front of a computer. So here they are~ (click to enlarge!)

GAL VIP es una revista gal hecha por gaijin gyaru (gals que no son japonesas, la palabra gaijin significa 'extranjero' en japonés) y sus creadoras me propusieron formar parte de la revista haciendo trabajos de diseño gráfico freelance. Me tocaron 3 páginas en el especial de Halloween, el pasado octubre, que las hice en un apuro porque estuve muy mal de salud (neumonía atípica, incluso estuve internada, me llevaron a la guardia, etc) así que fue difícil encontrar un momento para sentarme enfrente de la pc sin sentirme mal x_x Acá están, click para agrandar!

Unfortunately, GAL VIP and I had to part ways due to their schedule, ´last minute deadlines, my life (and school, FADU UBA isn't easy AT ALL and demands a lot of time) that got in the way, etc but it was a thrilling experience for me while it lasted.

Lamentablemente ya no formo más parte de GAL VIP por varios problemas respecto de organización, deadlines a último momento, muchas cosas que hacer respecto de mi vida y de la facultad, sobre todo, porque como sabrán la FADU no da respiro -estudio diseño gráfico ahí, justamente- así que bueno, pero fue una experiencia interesante respecto a diseño. The more the merrier, como dicen. :3

Well, hope you liked them! I'm currently working on my online portfolio so I'm up for requests or commissions, don't hesitate to ask! I may even do some stuff for free, hahaha, if you meet my requirements on time/deadlines, etc =P

Espero que les haya gustado! Si tienen alguna duda de diseño o alguna consulta, no duden en decirme ^^ Siempre puedo ayudar y me gusta ayudar, mientras que coincida con mis tiempos, etc =P
De todas maneras no veo la hora de empezar la cursada de nuevo ❤ soy una nerd, lo sé XD


Fandom Night ~ Edición Fiesta del fin del mundo!!! :D

Dec 21st we celebrated another Fandom Night edition! 
This is a night party event thrown bimonthly by friends~ :D

Me ready to partyyyyy~~!! ;D

Very lazy outfit <3

In my shift I had to paint people :3 first time as n army girl but I didn't had my suit! D: hahah

Aaaanyways, I had so much fun as always :D

Si a alguien de Argentina le interesa, la Fandom Night se hace cada tanto los viernes en Sick Club (Alsina 921, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires) :D

Nos vemos pronto! :3

PD: Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとう~~ ♥


♡ EOS Barbie King Pink lenses review~~ ♡ FAV LENSES EVERRRRR

So, it's been a long time since I've purchased new lenses and eventhough I bought this a long time ago I never bothered to do a review so I'm doing it now. <3

I purchased this from Kiwiberry~ They came from Gangnam district, Seoul, South Korea. Yes, Gangnam! xD They came in the mail extremely fast but shipping was a bit costly: it was about the same amount as the lenses!! And NO TRACKING NUMBER AT ALL!!! Madness~ But anyways, I knew their shipping was expensive but it was one of the only places that I knew that carries this exact color~ : / I used a 50% discount coupon ^-^

I didn't take any 'one in, one out' photos, sorry xD

Flash light and messy brows
Natural light
Sunset light and more dramatic make up

I really love the color and the pattern~~ ♡ and even love it more in person~
Plus they're really comfy when worn, I had them up to 8 hours with no complications~

I give them a ♡♡♡♡♡ on design, comfort and enlargement ^^
About ♡♡ on shipping and handling :/ as stated above...
And I purchased this with my own money and were not sponsored, etc~

Now that I got a bit of free time I took some photos~~ ^^

He was screaming something at me... I don't know XD
Manticore, my cat ♡

High as fuck!

So nice afternoon ♡

I've been watching a lot of old movies~ Today I'm watching Lolita (1962).
Now I wanna watch the Jeremy Irons one~~~

Hope you have a nice day! :)
See ya!


☆ Save yourself, I'll hold them back~ ★

Last friday I attended Inova's Fandom Night - Fiesta Fluo!
Rad party, madness everywhere~~ xD
And according to my friend I was cosplaying Pam from True Blood lol, I think we were already so drunk~~

I was looking for the perfect opportunity to wear this tutuHA babydoll without feeling overdress and Fandom Night was a great party indeed! I must say I'm in love with this onepiece! This color is perfect!!

This dress is totally short and so not flattering, so I added that waist belt and voilà!
I think it looked good! ^.^ Skirt is also tutuHA's. I look so tired, I indeed was! haha

 Already drunk, with friends :D

 Eyemake~~ uppers are Angel eye and lowers are some cheap ebay chinese lashes!

And lookie, I did my brows! :'D I like that color~~
What do you think? yay or nay?

I have a few buys I've haven't posted yet for next time and also I'm currently waiting for new circle lenses :3
Well, that's all~ I've been M.I.A because of school assignments but I doubt anyone here cares hahahahaha.
See you! xoxo,