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☆、。・:*:・゜、First Order 夢展望 + W♥C スカート。・:*:・゜`★

Hi people, how are you? :3
I've got new stuff and I wanted to show you my new stuff! ^^

First of all, my outfit for a date with my bf~

It's nothing too elaborate, but... I'm wearing my new W♥C leopard skirt! I LOVE it! It's been my favourite item since I bought them, thank you very much Umi~ (and the falsies ♥)

And these are my Yumetenbo shoes, very agejo~ Love them!~

And I'm currently waiting for another mail from Japan with magazines and a few things more I bought these past weeks! :3 So anxious!~


☆、。・:*:・゜`★.。・:*:・♪MA*RS ワンピス + Liebster Blog Award♪☆、。・:*:・゜`★.。・:*:・

Recently I bought so much stuff that I haven't been able to try on, I've been sick in bed and bored~
I couldn't attend the 1st gyaru meeting in Buenos Aires, I'm so sad =(

Anyways, before getting so sick with chickenpox/varicella (tell me if I'm right, I didn't know the name of this illness in English xD), I took a few photos of myself modeling my MA*RS onepiece ♥
I didn't like the outcome because I wasn't feeling well (゚Д゚*)ノ and I had to convince my sister to take me photos, so it was a quick shot and that's all T.T

Well, onto the photos~~!

I must say I hate my extensions~~~
I don't know how to curl them properly... They "uncurl" very fast ;___;
But oh well, I'm just learning :3
I've got my first prize ever from Cupcake Chisa~
Thank you Chisa! You're a very sweet girl, always helping me with useful links, you know ;)
Hope to see you soon on the 2nd Argentinian gyaru me2! (o^∇^o)

The Liebster Blog Award, for blogs with less than 300 followers.

Now I want to give to:
1) >[.Purple Lady.]< (Mai Lingenfelder)
2) Rainbow Apples (Yukina)

You have to link the blog that gave it to you and tag 3 more blogs~
I've been feeling pretty depressed, so I better listen to some cheer-up kind of music ^^
Oh and I also changed my layout out of boredom... It isn't finished yet, but I hope you like my change, Chinatsu, Sakurina, roses and bling bling, things I love♪