New layout!

Al final me decidí y me puse con el nuevo layout~~ Qué les parece???
Igual creo que voy a extrañar el anterior, era muy rosita, tanto que me había cansado! Pero bueno, ahora lo veo y lo extraño xD quién me entiende :P
Lo que sí, blogger es un p*to, no es como antes que era más fácil entenderlo... Igual pude con todo!  yayyy ♥

I finally made a new layout~~ What do you think???
I think I'm gonna miss it, but it was too much pink, I kinda wore it out of it! :P

Blogger is making customizations very hard to do, unlike earlier times (2004~~) when it was a piece of cake! Anyways I think I did a great job, for now. Yayyyy~~  ♥

Les dejo un tema que me encanta para escuchar por la tarde últimamente~~ ^^
Check out this song and video, I think they're pretty rad! Lately I'm obsessed with them~~

So, tell me what do you think about my new layout! ^^
See you around! xoxo,


Liebster award and tagged again!! (aka "more about me, part II" xD)

Rika (Italian gyaru) tagged me ^^ I won't tag anybody because I already did some kind of meme questions a few months before so I'll skip that part~ 8D

1. Who's your favourite singer? Why?
 Masami Okui? Because her singing is flawless!
2. Who are your top 3 role models?
 I don't really think I have one...
3. If you could have a pair of boots of any color, what color would you choose?
Red or camel!  ♥ ♥
4. What's your favourite word to say? Or one you use really often?
Any Rioplatense (Porteño) Spanish slang >:D
5. There's a color which looks really good on you, but you never wear? Why?
Hmmm, not really. Black looks good on anyone and I always wear black xD
6. What's your most hated food?
Hmmm, it's not a food itself, but I hate vinegar and mayonnaise.
7. Which name would you gave to your children?
It's a secret, sorry! :P
8. What's your favourite artist? (I mean every kind of art)
There are lots of good artists I love... >< kinda difficult to pick one!
9. What language would you like to be fluent in?
Finnish, Portuguese, Japanese, English (but REALLY fluent XD)
10. Book, Movie, Manga, Anime or Drama?
Hard pick! I'm gonna choose... Anime! Yep, otaku here!
11. What are you living for?
To enjoy life and learn lots of things! ♥

And my dear friend Dani from Alternative Kei gave me the Liebster Award!
Thank you girl, I feel so honored!


♥ Evening out with le boyfriend and hipster me~ ♥

OMG las carassssssss... Esta fue la más pasable (?) XD <3
Regalito ♥ a gift~

Our treats! Then we went to the cinema, we watched "The Amazing Spider-man" ♥
I love both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, so it was such an eye candy for me :3~



美图秀秀 (Meitu Xiuxiu) + Minecraft days~~ + Random stuff I haven't blogged about yet!

Hello, how are you doing? =D
These past days I've finished my classes so yayyyyyyy free time~! Tomorrow I will find out if I passed two subjects, Sketch Drawing and Projective Knowledge Introduction~~ I've already passed Maths with a 10/10, I'm so proud of myself XD

Since I'm on vacation I started playing Minecraft, now I'm addicted!

Let's kill some monsters and get diamonds e_e hahaha

Oh, and some gets~ :)

Fuchsia foxtail! ♥
Gracias Silviiiiii ;________; ♥

For an upcoming tattoo... Can you guess what? ^.~
Awesome stickers by Mako Fufu! She's awesome too, btw :3

 So yeah, this was a very random entry thing, but I don't care, hahaha.
At least it's in English! A few people were asking why I didn't write in English so here it is! Anyways in case I'm lazy and don't feel like translating there's an online google translator at the top of my blog~ Check it out!! :)

xoxo, see you soon! (I hope)